Jobs for Animal Studies Graduates

What can you do with a human-animal studies or related degree?

  • You can get an administrative, fundraising, marketing, or outreach job at an animal shelter
  • You can work at a veterinarian’s office
  • You can become an animal behaviorist
  • You can work in humane or environmental education
  • You can get a job at an animal protection or environmental organization, doing development, management, policy work, research, outreach, marketing, lobbying, or other work
  • You can work at an animal sanctuary
  • You can work for a government agency with a connection to animals, such as the USDA, the US Fisheries and Wildlife Service, or other agencies
  • You can become a naturalist
  • With a Masters you can teach at a community college and with a PhD you can teach at a university
  • You can be an animal trainer
  • You can work at a zoo or aquarium, either with animals, or in another capacity such as outreach, administration, or fundraising
  • You can be an animal nutritionist
  • You can do animal-assisted therapy
  • You can work in counseling, focusing on subjects like pet loss or the human/animal violence connection
  • You can be a lab animal technician
  • You can be an animal welfare inspector for the government
  • You can work with support animals or the people who need them
  • You can be a wildlife rehabilitator
  • You can provide therapy for animals
  • You can do humane law enforcement
  • You can be an animal photographer

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