Human-Animal Studies: Courses in Humane Education

This is a list of colleges and universities around the world who provide courses for Humane Education in relation to the human-animal relationship.  This includes the name of the college, the name of the course, who is teaching the course, and brief description of the Humane Education course that the instructor will be covering.


Humane Society Academy

Humane Society Academy offers a Certified Humane Education Specialist (CHES) program, featuring self-paced courses that guide participants in conducting effective teacher in-services, exploring storytelling as a teaching device, and identifying the connections between humane education and the preschool curriculum, middle-school and high-school service learning, character education, and presentation techniques. Course content is based on extensive research, and courses are centered on engaging activities with a wealth of practical tips and field-tested strategies for working with children, teens, school faculty, and youth leaders. Enhance your credentials and become more confident and comfortable at advancing humane education within your own community! The Certified Humane Education Specialist (CHES) program will help animal care and control administrators, board members, humane education specialists, and humane law enforcement officers enhance their credentials and use their limited time and resources in the most effective ways possible.


Madonna University Masters in Humane Studies

Madonna University offers a Masters in humane studies. The Masters in Humane Studies provides a serious foundation for students wanting to dedicate their professional lives to helping animals.

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Saybrook University PhD in Humane Education Studies

Our Ph.D. Managing Organizational Systems: Humane Education Specialization is the result of a partnership with the Institute for Humane Education and Valparaiso University. Through the lens of education, this Ph.D. organizational systems program examines the connections between four areas of social justice:

  • Environmental ethics
  • Animal protection
  • Human rights
  • Cultural change-making

Ph.D. Graduates will learn to create transformational change in educational settings by building global relevance and a systems-oriented approach into their work and educational outreach. Focusing on social, economic, political, and structural change, graduates will be prepared to work as administrators, educators, and consultants—find successful careers in schools, universities, and government agencies. As humane educators, they are able to apply principles of creative and critical thinking, civic engagement, and informed decision-making across disciplines, at all levels of education.

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Valparaiso University Masters in Humane Education

The graduate programs in Humane Education are the only programs of their kind in the United States. They represent a collaboration between Valparaiso University and the Institute for Humane Education (IHE), a non-profit leader and pioneer in the field of Humane Education. The coursework for these programs is offered in an online format, enabling students from the United States and abroad to complete the program remotely, with the exception of a one-week Humane Education residency held at the Institute for Humane Education’s headquarters in Surry, Maine (required for two of the programs). This hands-on, experiential training week is a very popular part of the program. For more information on IHE and the summer residency, click here.

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