Defining Posthumanism with Elan Abrell

This week’s Defining HAS video series addition is by Elan Abrell, Adjunct Assistant Professor, City University of New York, who has defined the term posthumanism.

Elan Abrell received his J.D. from Berkeley Law School at the University of California, and his M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. His dissertation, Saving Animals: Everyday Practices of Care and Rescue in the US Animal Sanctuary Movement, examines how sanctuary caregivers respond to a range of ethical dilemmas and material constraints while attempting to meet the various and sometimes conflicting needs of rescued animals. He was a 2017-18 Farmed Animal Law & Policy Fellow at the Animal Law & Policy Program at Harvard University, where his research focused on cellular agriculture, a new field of agricultural production intended to reduce the negative impacts of animal-based agriculture on animals and the environment. He was also an Animals & Society Institute/Wesleyan Animal Studies 2014 Human-Animal Studies Fellow.

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