Defining Ecofeminism with Greta Gaard

This week’s Defining HAS video comes to us from Greta Gaard, who has discussed the term Ecofeminism.

Greta Gaard is Professor of English and Founding Coordinator of the Sustainability Faculty Fellows at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Her work emerges from the intersections of antiracist feminisms, environmental justice, queer ecologies and critical animal studies, exploring a wide range of issues, from postcolonial ecofeminism to children’s environmental literature, and the ecopolitics of climate change. Gaard has served on the Executive Council for the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE), and on the editorial board for the organization’s journal, Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment (ISLE) since its inception. Author or editor of six books of ecocriticism and feminist praxis, Gaard anchors her most recent volume, Critical Ecofeminism (2017), in Val Plumwood’s foundational work. Her current research advances conversations across the fields of critical ecofeminism and interspecies climate justice, Buddhist philosophy, mindfulness, and the environmental humanities.


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