Sloth, Volume 2, No. 1, Winter 2016

Sloth version 4Editors’ Introduction.” Kelly Enright and Kara Kendall-Morwick

The Exotic Enthralls: Comparing Pre-modern Colonization with Present-day Exotic Pet Keeping.” Natalie Cortez Klossner

The Dichotomy of Sight vs Touch: The Harm of the Primacy of Sight for Empathy.” Betty Stoneman

Is Artificially Selecting Animals For Consumption Ethical?” Kevin McElhatton

The Feral Child: Blurring the Boundary between the Human and the Animal.” Caitlin Schwarz

Mortal Bodies – An Approach to Representing Animals in Literature.” Melissa Rose Alexander

The Migration to Intersectional Leadership in the Animal Rights Movement.” Rachelle DéCoud

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About Sloth

Sloth is an online bi-annual journal that publishes international, multi-disciplinary writing by undergraduate students and recent graduates that deals with human/non-human animal relationships from the perspectives of the social sciences, the humanities, and the natural sciences. Sloth showcases the important and innovative contributions of undergraduates, giving those who are interested in human/non-human animal relationships a way to contribute to and engage with the field, as well as an opportunity to build their skills, knowledge, and resumes in anticipation of their graduate school careers. It is co-edited by Kelly Enright, Assistant Professor of History, Director of Public History, Flagler College; and Kara Kendall-Morwick, Assistant Professor of English, Washburn University.


  • Kelly Enright, Assistant Professor of History, Director of Public History, Flagler College
  • Kara Kendall-Morwick, Assistant Professor of English, Washburn University

Associate Editors:

  • Stephan Blatti, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director, Marcus W. Orr Center for the Humanities, University of Memphis
  • Alaistair Hunt, Assistant Professor of English, Portland State University
  • Eliza Ruiz Izaguirre, Veterinarian and Recent PhD, Waginingen University
  • Tom Tyler, Lecturer in Digital Culture, University of Leeds
  • Joshua Russell, Assistant Professor, Canisius College Anthrozoology Program
  • Lisa Kane, Co-Founder, Coalition for Captive Elephant Well Being
  • Joshua Kercsmar, PhD Candidate, History Department, University of Notre Dame
  • Ann Marie Thornburg, Lecturer, English, Language & Literature, University of Michigan
  • Richie Nimmo, Lecturer in Sociology, School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester
  • Hayley Glaholt, Mediation Intern, Riverdale Mediation Ltd.
  • Joel MacClellan, Visiting Assistant Professor, Loyola University New Orleans

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