Society & Animals and Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science


The Animals & Society Institute furthers its mission to advance human knowledge to improve animal lives through publishing two highly respected, peer-reviewed, academic journals.


The Animals & Society Institute and Brill have been editing and publishing the peer-reviewed journal, Society & Animals since 1993. Society & Animals is at the forefront of the multi-disciplinary field of Human-Animal Studies, which explores relationships between human and non-human animals, the experiences of nonhuman animals, and the ways in which nonhuman animals figure in human lives from a variety of perspectives. The journal publishes studies from the perspective of various disciplines within both the social sciences and humanities, including psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, history, literary criticism, art history, and other disciplines.



The Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science (JAAWS), which began in 1998, is published by the academic press Taylor and Francis. JAAWS is the leading peer-reviewed journal on the science of animal welfare for veterinarians, scientists, and public policy makers. It presents articles and reports on practices that demonstrably enhance the welfare of wildlife, companion animals, and animals used in research, agriculture and zoos.

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