The Animals & Society Institute (ASI) supports our vision of a compassionate world where animals flourish through creating and disseminating evidence-based research that helps scholars, the public, and policy makers understand our relationships with nonhuman animals.

ASI has been instrumental in forwarding the interdisciplinary academic field of Human-Animal Studies (HAS), which sits at the important intersection where human and non-human animals meet. Encompassing broad and diverse perspectives, HAS reaches beyond a sole focus on human conceptions of other animals based upon their importance to human lives, to include their subjective experience and interests. HAS recognizes animals as impactful within co-created multispecies communities, and considers all interspecies relationships at various levels of scale as worthy of discussion. Importantly, although interesting in its own right research supported and generated by ASI also is used to improve animal lives.


Academic Journals

The Animal & Society Institute manages academic two journals, Society & Animals and the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science (JAAWS), which offer in-depth articles that examine society’s complex relationship with animals. Society & Animals includes seven issues per year, and JAAWS includes four issues. Both journals have been in publication for over 20 years.

ASI-Brill Human-Animal Studies Book Series

The Brill Human-Animal Studies Series supports this mission and vision by publishing books that explore the relationship between human and nonhuman animals. The book series presents a wide range of cutting-edge scholarship which aims to create a world where animals flourish.


Sloth is a peer reviewed journal that showcases the important and innovative contributions of undergraduates and emerging scholars in the human-animal relationship field.

Digital Archive

The Animals & Society Institute Digital Archive is a searchable archive that contains much of ASI’s published material. Note that some files are accessible only by ASI Members while others are Open Access.

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