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Policy Papers

The purpose of the ASI Policy Papers series is to shape the U.S. political landscape by providing elected representatives, government officials, scholars, media and both animal protection and corporate stake-holders with the research analysis and data they need to inform the public policy debate on animal protection.

Through the Policy Papers series, ASI provides a unique venue where investigators can develop positions on current policy issues related to human-animal relationships. Authors use existing scientific and theoretical literature to present the pros and cons of particular practices involving our treatment of nonhuman animals, framing their scientifically and theoretically grounded analysis and commentary in terms of changes in practice through regulation and legislation.

Authored by experts in their field, our series of Policy Papers provide focused information on current topics of specialized interest. They are distributed to stakeholders, including the media, lobbyists and legislators, to help them make better informed decisions on specific matters relating to the animals’ interests.

The ASI has published ten Policy Papers since Fall 2006:


Request for Proposals for the ASI Policy Papers

The ASI invites proposals for the ASI Policy Papers. Authors whose proposals are accepted are offered a stipend to produce a manuscript of not more than 20,000 words. Each accepted policy paper will be published as a separately bound monograph.

The scope of the papers is any topic in the fields of Human-Animal Studies and Animal Science that has policy implications for our treatment of nonhuman animals. Examples include:

  • Virtual hunting
  • Cloning animals
  • Animals as property under the law
  • Foie gras production methods
  • Spay and neutering companion animals
  • Legal standing for nonhuman animals
  • Forced molting

Proposals consist of a letter of inquiry of not more than five double-spaced pages containing the following information:

  1. Author’s name and contact information
  2. Biographical notes and areas of expertise
  3. Summary of proposed policy paper

Submit proposals by electronic attachment to Ken Shapiro at

If accepted by the coeditors, author(s) are provided with a style-guide and invited to submit a manuscript. Each manuscript will be reviewed blind by two individuals with expertise in relevant subject areas.

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