BARK: Behavior, Accountability, Responsibility, and Knowledge:  An Intervention Program for Animal Maltreatment Offenders™


A substantial body of empirical evidence has established that domestic violence, a serious societal problem, is correlated with animal abuse. Identifying, assessing, and treating individuals who abuse animals can reduce both animal abuse and human violence. BARK is based on The Identification, Assessment, and Treatment of Adults Who Abuse Animals: The AniCare Approach (Shapiro & Henderson, Springer, 2016), the approach includes cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, family systems, and attachment theory therapies.

The Animals & Society Institute offers BARK training course for law enforcement, mental health providers, social workers, and other practitioners who want to reduce animal abuse. This course introduces BARK a group-based diversion program for adults who have abused animals. Attendees learn about and practice applying assessment instruments and an intervention that addresses the presenting problem of animal abuse. The intervention focuses on establishing accountability, examining attitudes and beliefs about animals, and developing interpersonal skills such as empathy, showing respect, accommodation, and stress and anger management. The course utilizes role-plays and other devices to directly involve attendees. To learn more or schedule BARK training, please contact:

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