AniCare® Child Handbook

AniCareChildwebThe Assessment and Treatment of Children who Abuse Animals: The AniCare® Child Approach

Shapiro, K., Randour, M. L., Krinsk, S., & Wolf, J. L. (2013)

AniCare® Child is the first published treatment approach to focus exclusively on juvenile cruelty to animals. The newly revised 124-page practitioner’s handbook provides comprehensive strategies and practical suggestions for assessing and treating children who have abused animals or witnessed animal cruelty. AniCare® Child can be used as the primary treatment focus or as an ancillary treatment. AniCare® was developed based on several theoretical perspectives, including cognitive-behavioral, attachment and psychodynamic theories. The three therapeutic tasks of treatment – connection, expression, and corrective intervention – organize the approach. Clinical case examples, a variety of exercises, and other tools, such as use of projective material and puppet role play, are presented. AniCare® Child also addresses assessing and treating children who witness animal abuse and includes a section on “Working with Parents.”

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For the assessment and treatment of  adults, see AniCare® Adult.


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