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The Animals and Society Institute has a long history of facilitating research and discussion about public policy issues related to animal protection. While often ignored in the public arena, credible academic studies frequently provide the scientific research that supports reforming practices that harm animals. The ASI seeks to promote greater discussion of these issues in order to help bring about better-informed and more progressive public policy.

Although the ASI is not a lobbying organization, we nevertheless seek to enhance current debate by making scholarly materials dealing with animals widely available to students, journalists, policy makers and the general public. We are continually revising and updating our online resources to better facilitate access to this information to make it easier for the animals’ interests to be represented.

The purpose of the ASI Policy Papers series is to shape the U.S. political landscape by providing elected representatives, government officials, scholars, media and both animal protection and corporate stake-holders with the research analysis and data they need to inform the public policy debate on animal protection.

Through the Policy Papers series, the Institute provides a unique venue where investigators can develop positions on current policy issues related to human-animal relationships. Authors use existing scientific and theoretical literature to present the pros and cons of particular practices involving our treatment of nonhuman animals, framing their scientifically and theoretically grounded analysis and commentary in terms of changes in practice through regulation and legislation. Authored by experts in their field, our series of Policy Papers provide focused information on current topics of specialized interest. They are distributed to stakeholders, including the media, lobbyists and legislators, to help them make better informed decisions on specific matters relating to the animals’ interests.

Public Policy Libraries:

Links to academic studies, news reports, original publications, books, expert opinions, interviews, event summaries and other resources are offered here to provide comprehensive overviews of important policy issues related to animals. The libraries listed below include an overview of a specific topic that is of interest to the public and has policy implications, a detailed bibliography with links to scholarly books and articles covering the subject, and commentary by three experts in the field. We will add to these libraries on a bi-monthly basis and welcome suggestions for new topics to explore.

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