The Animals & Society Institute works to strengthen the bridge between human-animal relationship research and public policy applications. One keyway that ASI accomplishes this is through the publication of our policy papers. ASI recognizes the transformative influence of public policy in shaping systems and shared relationships between animals and humans in society.

Policy shapes the ways in which humans and animals live in shared spaces within our society. Simply put, transforming policy transforms lives. We know that applying research towards matters of policy is a powerful tool for the effort to create a more compassionate world. Laws and legislation, business policies, practitioner codes of conduct, and implicit rules of engagement in human-animal relationships are policy contexts that can be influenced by research and data. Thus, shifting public policy is paramount for animal protection causes and ASI strives to provide the resources necessary to realize these changes.


Federal and State Animal Statutes

A number of federal and state statutes aim to protect animals’ safety, health, and well-being. These statutes extend to companion animals, farm animals, and among others. ASI would like to make this important resource accessible for practitioners, academics, and advocates alike to  improve policies that affect the human-animal relationship.

Policy Papers

The ASI Policy Papers series is designed to shape the U.S. political landscape by providing elected representatives, government officials, scholars, media and both animal protection and corporate stake-holders with the research analysis and data they need to inform the public policy debate on animal advocacy. These resources also equip practitioners, advocates, and academics with comprehensive analyses of the state of public policy in various human-animal contexts to move one step closer to compassionate communities for all.

Through the Policy Papers series, ASI provides a unique venue where investigators can develop positions on current policy issues related to human-animal relationships. Authors use existing scientific and theoretical literature to present the pros and cons of particular practices involving our treatment of nonhuman animals, framing their scientifically and theoretically grounded analysis and commentary in terms of changes in practice through regulation and legislation.

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