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Another Successful ASI-UIUC Summer Institute!

This year's Summer Institute was just held last week and was terrific! The speakers--Carrie Rohman, Bill Lynn, Juno Salazar-Perrenas, Saheed Aderinto, May Berenbaum, Deke Weaver, Maria Lux,  and Chris Green--were excellent and the incredible diversity of the...

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Did You Know? Snakes…

Today is World Snake Day! Did you know that the oldest known snake fossils have been dated to between 143 and 167 million years ago? Join ASI in celebrating these unique and often misunderstood reptiles. Learn some fun facts with the infographic below, and...

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Human-Animal Studies Books June 2019

Following are some of the books that were published this month that we are very excited about! Huemer, M. (2019). Dialogues on Ethical Vegetarianism. Routledge. After lives filled with deep suffering, 74 billion animals are slaughtered worldwide every year on factory...

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Human-Animal Studies Research June 2019

Following are some of the articles in human-animal studies research that came out in June 2019: 2019 Articles Aldridge, G. L., & Rose, S. E. (2019). Young Children’s Interpretation of Dogs’ Emotions and Their Intentions to Approach Happy, Angry, and Frightened...

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