Project-Based Job Opening
Oversee the development, implementation, and validation of a psycho-educational diversion program

Animals and Society Institute is developing a diversion intervention for adults who have abused animals. As legislation in 34 states mandates or recommends assessment and/or treatment for animal abuse, an evidence-based intervention is needed. BARK (Behavior, Accountability, Responsibility, Knowledge) is designed to include some therapist involvement but will be largely self-directed. It will also include pre-and post-validation instruments. BARK is adapted from AniCare Adult (Shapiro & Henderson, The Identification, Assessment, and Treatment of Adults Who Abuse Animals, Springer, 2016).

Responsibilities Include:
• Refine and complete existing draft version of BARK
• Oversee formatting the intervention for delivery on an electronic platform
• Train mental health providers in its use
• Oversee the collection and analysis of validation data

Job: Remote part-time position on contract basis

Payment: $20,000

Project Completion-Based Payment:
• Completion of draft intervention and validation instruments: six months (50% salary)
• Completion of formatting of the intervention for hybrid self-directed delivery: three months (25% salary)
• Training and supervision of therapists in the use of intervention: three months (25% salary)

Essential Qualifications:
• Doctorate or Masters level licensed mental health provider with three years’ direct clinical experience using contemporary approaches (e.g., Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing)
• Experience in program implementation and evaluation

Preferred Qualifications:
• Experience working with criminal justice system-involved populations
• Familiarity with the literature on the relationship between animal abuse and human violence
• Experience working with and creating hybrid online-based delivery programs

Apply to Ken Shapiro ( with CV and letter of interest.

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