The latest issue of the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science (JAAWS), 24(4) has just been published.

Managed and edited by ASI, JAAWS is the leading peer-reviewed journal on the science of animal welfare for veterinarians, scientists and public policy makers. It presents articles and reports on practices that demonstrably enhance the welfare of wildlife, companion animals and animals used in research, agriculture and zoos. Find more information on JAAWS here.

This issue has the following articles:

Companion Animals:

Survey of Massachusetts Animal Shelter Record-Keeping Practices in 2015. Theresa Vinic, Seana Dowling-Guyer, Joann Lindenmayer, Anne Lindsay, Richard Panofsky & Emily McCobb, Pages: 385-401.

Owners Frequently Report that They Reward Behaviors of Dogs by Petting and Praising, Especially When Dogs Respond Correctly to Commands and Play with Their Toys. Alexandre P. Rossi & Caroline M. Maia, Pages: 402-409.

Influence of the Competition Context on Arousal in Agility Dogs. Alison M. Carpenter, Jonathan H. Guy & Matthew C. Leach, Pages: 410-423.

Farm Animals:

Increasing the Comfort of the Harianavi Bullocks by Reduction of Contact Pressure on Neck by Designing a Body Contoured Yoke, R. K. Tyagi & Achhaibar Singh, Pages: 424-432.

Development and Validation of Broiler Welfare Assessment Methods for Research and On-farm Audits. Meaghan M. Meyer, Anna K. Johnson & Elizabeth A. Bobeck, Pages: 433-446.

Herd-Level on-Farm Mortality in Extensively Managed Beef Herds. Kerli Mõtus, Tarmo Niine, Arvo Viltrop & Ulf Emanuelson, Pages: 447-466.


The Ethics and Welfare Implications of Keeping Western European Hedgehogs (erinaceus Europaeus) in Captivity. S.A. Jones & Stella Chapman, Pages: 467-483.

The Need for a Convergence of Agricultural/Laboratory and Zoo-based Approaches to Animal Welfare. Samantha J. Ward & Geoff Hosey, Pages: 484-492.

Social Behavior of a Reproducing Pair of the Philippine Tarsier (Tarsius syrichta) in Captivity. Filip J. Wojciechowsk , Katarzyna A. Kaszycka & Milada Řeháková, Pages: 493-507

Positive Reinforcement Conditioning as a Tool for Frequent Minimally Invasive Blood and Vaginal Swab Sampling in African Lions (Panthera Leo). Isabel Callealta, Imke Lueders, Ilse Luther-Binoir & Andre Ganswindt, Pages: 508-519.


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