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We are excited to announce that the 2017 winner of the International Development Project in Human-Animal Studies, the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), has completed the program for which they were granted the award. From their report:

A master’s optional course for credits, Animal Ethics and Social Justice, was successfully delivered in January 2018. The course was delivered over a three-week period, covering a total of 30 hours and 14 sessions. The course teaching team incorporated international experts, including Prof. Will Kymlicka, Prof. Emily Brady, Prof. Anindya Sinha, Ashish Kothari, and Dr Shanker Raman. This was crucial in establishing the legitimacy of HAS as a field of scholarship at TISS. We attach here the course handbook for your perusal. The course was taken by 22 students and classroom engagements were lively and enthusiastic, indicating the timeliness of the course and the initiative.


We also organised two public lectures as part of a series called Planet Politics, one by Prof. Will Kymlicka, and the other by Ashish Kothari, who is a highly respected activist working on issues of nature and society in India. These lectures were very well attended: Ashish Kothari’s lecture was attended by around 80 people, while Prof. Kymlicka’s lecture had an audience of more than hundred people, and as you can imagine, the Q & A sessions were most lively. These lectures were video-recorded and can be found here.


A number of internships were established and advertised to the students of the course and the Institute more widely. These were with the Welfare of Stray Dogs, the Federation of Indian Animal Protection International, the Humane Society International (India), and the Animal Care project of the Tata Trusts. An online resource bank with a variety of HAS journal articles covering a range of themes was set up, and the library has been procuring key books on HAS.


The TISS Human-Animal Studies initiative was developed and carried out in collaboration with TISS Social Work alumnus and HAS scholar, Dr. Krithika Srinivasan, who is based at the Institute of Geography, University of Edinburgh.

Congratulations, Tata Institute!


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