The latest issue of the ASI-managed journal, Society & Animals, 29(2), is available now with the following articles:


John Knight. How to Chase a Monkey: Reforming the Oiharai Response to Crop-Feeding Macaques in Japan. Pages 113–131.

Erni Gustafsson, Nabil Alawi, and Per Normann Andersen. Companion Animals and Religion: A Survey of Attitudes among Omani Students. Pages: 132–152.

Anne O’Connor. Finding Sanctuary in the Occupational Choice of Animal Shelter Work. Pages: 153–171.

Animal Theory

Oliver Keane. Genetically Engineered Nonhuman Animals: A Global Overview and Research Agenda. Pages 173–202.

Political Animals

Sheena Swemmer. International Law, Domestic Violence, and the Intersection with Nonhuman Animal Abuse. Pages 203–222.

Book Review

Monica Becker. An End to Nonhuman Animal Farming: Collective and Effective? Pages 223–225.

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