Brill Publishers and the editors of the ASI-managed journal, Society & Animals, are pleased to announce the winner of the second annual prize for the best article published in 2021 by a researcher in the early stages of their career. The full text of the awarded article is provided Open Access as a means to encourage scholars to join the field of Human-Animal Studies, and to assist them in obtaining additional exposure of their work.

This year’s award goes to Oliver Keane, Department of Geography, Simon Fraser University, Canada, for his article “Genetically engineered nonhuman animals: A global overview and research agenda.” Access the article HERE.

Abstract: This paper suggests studies on genetically engineering nonhuman animal genes have globalized over the last 30 years. The results unveil maps that give a global overview of universities’ studies into engineering animal genes, by purpose and by species, at a state scale. A network map also shows how studies on engineering animal genes are co-constituted internationally, at a state scale. Some of the more notable map findings are developed using a novel ontological approach. This ontology relates the being of an animal, a constitutive lack, to power relations. The beings of animals are trapped into serving capital through the engineering of their genes. This reconfiguration allows the ensnaring of the body in agricultural, or other, power relations. The scale of this carceral archipelago is positioned as a global risk. Life energy, by nature, resists capture. Therefore, the paper concludes that the clock is ticking on genetic scientists’ Faustian bargain.

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