On Thursday, June 20, 2024, the Animals & Society Institute commemorated our 40th anniversary with this celebratory webinar featuring guest speakers, Dr. Erica Fudge, who presented “What have Animals Ever Done for History?”, and Zane McNeill, who discussed how carceral logics normalize and perpetuate the violence of incarceration and deportation.


“What has happened in the last 40 years since ASI came into being, and in no small part because of it, we can now also think not only about what academic disciplines can do to address pressing issues surrounding our use and exploitation of animals, but also what brings animals into academic focus – herding the sheep in front of the historians, if you like – might add to those disciplines.” – Dr. Erica Fudge


“These are some of the issues I hope the Human-Animal Studies field will endeavor to confront, and the Animals & Society Institute is doing just that.” – Zane McNeill


Enjoy the recording of this event here.

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