The latest issue of the ASI-managed publication, the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, Volume 24, Issue 3, July-September 2021, is available now with the following articles:

Companion Animal

OPEN ACCESS: Animal Welfare Worldwide, the Opinion of Practicing Veterinarians.
N. Endenburg, G. Takashima, H. A. van Lith, H. Bacon, S. J. Hazel, R. Jouppi, N. Y. P. Lee, K. Seksel & S. Ryan.

The influence of degree of socialization and age on length of stay of shelter cats. William P. Brown & Valerie L. Stephan.


Comparison between Single- and Group-housed Pregnant Sows for Direct and Indirect Physiological, Reproductive, Welfare Indicators and Gene Expression Profiling
Rossana Capoferri, Katia Parati, Roberto Puglisi, Livia Moscati, Marco Sensi, Guerino Lombardi, Gianpietro Sandri, Carlo Briani & Andrea Galli.

The Effect of a Novel Transport System on the Welfare and Meat Quality of Slaughter Pigs
Dayane Lemos Teixeira, Leif Lykke & Laura Boyle.


The Use of a Species-Specific Health and Welfare Assessment Tool for the Giant Pacific Octopus, Enteroctopus dofleini
Meghan M. Holst & Tim Miller-Morgan.

Play Behavior in Two Captive Bottlenose Dolphin Calves (Tursiops Truncatus): Ethogram, Ontogeny, and Individual Differences
Ana Isabel Soriano Jimenez, Massimiliano Drago, Dolors Vinyoles & Carmen Maté.


The Effect of Long Term Captivity on Stress Levels in Anolis carolinensis Lizards
Glenn Borgmans, Rupert Palme, Adina Sannen, Hilde Vervaecke & Raoul Van Damme.


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