November 13 marks the first day of Human-Animal Relationship Awareness (HARA) Week—this year, November 13-19—and we invite your participation! Now in its seventh year, ASI created this week dedicated to human-nonhuman animal relationships to celebrate and raise global awareness of the importance of these relationships. During the week we will use social media every day to highlight both the benefits and potential problems within these relationships, as well as how through intentional and continuous sensitivity and caring acts we can work against exploitation to create more humane and compassionate societies for all beings. Check us out this week on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn and help us amplify the message. And be sure to use our hashtag #HARAWeek to spread the message and be a part of the conversation!

As a part of HARA Week, ASI is pleased to release our latest Impact Report. If you have ever wondered about all the ways ASI works toward our mission of advancing and sharing knowledge to improve nonhuman animal lives with the vision of a compassionate and equitable world where nonhuman animals flourish, then we invite you to peruse this informative—and beautiful—report. In it you will find not only histories of ASI and the field of Human-Animal Studies (HAS) we promote, but also the impacts we are making—and planning to make—to further ASI’s Four Strategic Priorities of Research, Policy, Global Reach, and Education Access.

Have a great #HARA Week!

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