As announced in two recent issues, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the publication of Society & Animals, in partnership with Brill Publications we are making ten previously published articles available for a limited time in Open Access. Articles are selected that: (1) demonstrate the expansion of the field to an increasing number of interfacing disciplines, (2) suggest changes in policy and practice involving human-animal relationships, and/or (3) make important conceptual advances in the field.

Here is the third and final batch of articles the full texts of which are available for three months from the publication of this issue:

Frommer, S., & Arluke, A. (1999) Loving them to death: Blame-displacing strategies of animal shelter workers and surrenderers. Society & Animals, 7(1),1-16. doi:

Copeland, M. W. (2012). The History of Ape Language Experimentation in Fiction: A Review Essay, Society & Animals20(3), 316-323. doi:

Quinn, E. J. (2016). No Country for Queer Dogs, Society & Animals24(5), 507-521. doi:

Kenneth Shapiro

Editor-in-Chief Society & Animals

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