The Animals & Society Institute is excited to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Society & Animals: Journal of Human-Animal Studies with all of our supporters.

As announced in the last issue, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the publication of Society & Animals, in partnership with Brill Publications we are making ten previously published articles available for a limited time in Open Access. Articles are selected that: (1) demonstrate the expansion of the field to an increasing number of interfacing disciplines, (2) suggest changes in policy and practice involving human-animal relationships, and/or (3) make important conceptual advances in the field.

Here is the second batch of articles the full texts of which are available for three months from the publication of this issue:

Birke, L. (2007). “Learning to Speak Horse”: The Culture of “Natural Horsemanship”, Society & Animals, 15(3), 217–239. doi:

Doubleday, K. F. (2018). Human-Tiger (Re)Negotiations, Society & Animals, 26(2), 148–170. doi: 

Leffler, A., Lerner, E., & Gillespie, D. L. (1996). Safe in Unsafe Places: Leisure, Passionate Avocations, and the Problematizing of Everyday Public Life, Society & Animals, 4(2), 169–188. doi:

Kenneth Shapiro

Editor-in-Chief Society Animals


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