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The Board of Directors of the Animals & Society Institute is excited to announce our new mission statement as of July 15, 2019:

Advancing human knowledge to improve animal lives.

Since our founding more than 30 years ago, our core purpose as a nonprofit think tank has not changed significantly; our goal continues to be contributing to the creation of safer and more compassionate communities for all.

However, last year we began to examine the words we were using to describe our work. We discussed, rewrote and revised our mission statement over the course of several months until we agreed we had developed a new one that more accurately reflects what we do and why we do it.

We believe these words offer a clear, aspirational expression of what people most value and want from a nonprofit think tank dedicated to research and sharing knowledge. We are uniquely positioned to provide resources for scholars, students, human service providers and animal advocates that support efforts to better human-animal relationships in all settings.

Our mission defines our work. With your support, we can continue to advance human knowledge to improve animal lives.

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