ASI is pleased to announce our sponsorship of the new Animal History journal, scheduled for publication in 2025.

Animal History is a new, peer-reviewed journal for histories of animals and human-animal relationships. The journal seeks to cultivate and publish cutting-edge historical research and to redress a long-standing gap in historical scholarship, which has traditionally focused on creating a record of human agency narrated through human-centered assumptions. Instead, Animal History seeks research documenting both the impact that humans have had on animals and the impact that animals have had on human histories, cultures, languages, technologies, environments, and lives. ASI Board Member, Tom Aiello, is one of three lead editors and Board President, Ken Shapiro, is the founding Advisory Board Member.

The editors of Animal History invite article submissions for its inaugural volume, to be published in 2025, and welcome original submissions not currently under consideration for publication.

Find more information on the journal, the Editorial Team and Advisory Board, as well as article submissions here.

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