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Upcoming Webinars on Animal Abuse and Children

ASI's Lisa Lunghofer will be giving three webinars, beginning April 20, on animal abuse and children, in conjunction with Humane Society Academy. Background. All forms of violence exposure—especially in combination and over time—can be detrimental to children. Notably...

New Research in Human-Animal Studies August 2019

Following are some of the latest research articles in the field of human-animal studies:   ALESSANDRINI, A. (2019). UNDERSTANDING THE ROLE OF HAPPINESS IN SHAPING THE CONSERVATION ATTITUDES OF WHALE WATCHING PARTICIPANTS. Archer-Lean, C. (2019). Revisiting the...

New HAS Books August 2019

Following are some of the books that we are very excited about this month! Marceau, J. (2019). Beyond Cages: Animal Law and Criminal Punishment. Cambridge University Press. For all the diversity of views within the animal protection movement, there is a surprising...

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