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Russell, C. (2019). An intersectional approach to teaching and learning about humans and other animals in educational contexts. In Animals in Environmental Education (pp. 35-52). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Taking an intersectional approach to teaching and learning about animal-focused education, this chapter highlights the entanglement of animal, environmental, and social justice issues. Reflecting on an online elective course, Animals in Education designed for Master of Education (MEd) students with diverse disciplinary backgrounds and professional experiences, this chapter zeroes in on three key matters: the possibilities and pitfalls of online learning; unpacking the hidden curriculum of human/animal relationships and engaging in intersectional analyses, for which critical food education is particularly illuminating; and the emotional dimensions of animal-focused education, including students attending to their own affective responses and probing the use of cartoons and graphic content in a pedagogy of discomfort.

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