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Articles on Veterinary Issues

This is a collection of articles about veterinary issues from the Society & Animals Journal.  The Society & Animals Journal is an academic journal that publishes studies that describe and analyze our experiences of non-human animals from the perspective of various disciplines within the social sciences and humanities.


Attitudes of Australian and Turkish Students of Veterinary Medicine toward Nonhuman Animals and Their Careers. Serdar Izmirli; Ali Yigit and Clive Julian Christie Phillips. Volume 22, Issue 6.  Pages 580 – 601.

Biting the Hand that Heals You: Encounters with Problematic Patients in a General Veterinary Practice. Clinton R. Sanders. Volume 2, Issue 1.  Pages 47 – 66.

Contesting Horses: Borders and Shifting Social Meanings in Veterinary Medical Education. Jenny R. Vermilya. Volume 20, Issue 2.  Pages 123 – 137.

Death or Declaw: Dealing with Moral Ambiguity in a Veterinary Hospital. Atwood-Harvey. Dana. Volume 13, Issue 4.  Pages 315 – 342.

End-of-Life Issues in United States Veterinary Medicine Schools. George E. Dickinson; Paul D. Roof; Karin W. Roof. Volume 18, Issue 2.  Pages 152 – 162.

Issues for Veterinarians in Recognizing and Reporting Animal Neglect and Abuse. Gary J. Patronek. Volume 5, Issue 3.  Pages 267 – 280.

Perpetration-induced Traumatic Stress in Persons Who Euthanize Nonhuman Animals in Surgeries, Animal Shelters, and Laboratories. Rohlf, Vanessa; Bennett, Pauleen. Volume 13, Issue 3.  Pages 201 – 220.

Protecting the Self,  Nicole Owens, Society & Animals, Vol 23, No. 2

Variations in Pet Attachment among Students at an American School of Veterinary Medicine. Sue-Ellen Brown. Volume 11, Issue 1.  Pages 101 – 102.


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