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Articles on Veterinary Issues

This is a collection of articles about veterinary issues from the Society & Animals Journal.  The Society & Animals Journal is an academic journal that publishes studies that describe and analyze our experiences of non-human animals from the perspective of various disciplines within the social sciences and humanities.

Owens, N. (2015). Protecting the Self: Veterinarians’ Perspectives on Dealing with People. Society & Animals23(2), 105-127.

Izmirli, S., Yigit, A., & Phillips, C. J. C. (2014). Attitudes of Australian and Turkish students of veterinary medicine toward nonhuman animals and their careers. Society & Animals22(6), 580-601.

Vermilya, J. R. (2012). Contesting horses: Borders and shifting social meanings in veterinary medical education. Society & Animals20(2), 123-137.

Dickinson, G. E., Roof, P. D., & Roof, K. W. (2010). End-of-life issues in United States veterinary medicine schools. Society & Animals18(2), 152-162.

Atwood-Harvey, D. (2005). Death or declaw: dealing with moral ambiguity in a veterinary hospital. Society & Animals13(4), 315-342.

Bennett, P., & Rohlf, V. (2005). Perpetration-induced traumatic stress in persons who euthanize nonhuman animals in surgeries, animal shelters, and laboratories. Society & Animals13(3), 201-220.

Brown, S. E. (2002). Ethnic variations in pet attachment among students at an American school of veterinary medicine. Society & Animals10(3), 249-266.

Patronek, G. J. (1997). Issues for veterinarians in recognizing and reporting animal neglect and abuse. Society & Animals5(3), 267-280.

Sanders, C. R. (1994). Biting the hand that heals you: Encounters with problematic patients in a general veterinary practice. Society & Animals2(1), 47-66.


Updated July 2019

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