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Articles on Vegan and Vegetarian Issues

This is a collection of articles on Vegan and Vegetarian Issues from the Society & Animals Journal . The Society & Animals Journal is an academic journal that publishes studies that describe and analyze our experiences of non-human animals from the perspective of various disciplines within both the social sciences and humanities.

Wrenn, C. L. (2019). Black Veganism and the Animality Politic. Society & Animals, 27(1), 127-131.

Duchene, T. N., & Jackson, L. M. (2017). Effects of Motivation Framing and Content Domain on Intentions to Eat Plant-and Animal-Based Foods. Society & Animals.

Fiestas-Flores, J., & Pyhälä, A. (2017). Dietary Motivations and Challenges among Animal Rights Advocates in Spain. Society & Animals.

Pilgrim, K. (2019). Beyond the Story of Sustainable Meat. Society & Animals, 27(1), 75-91.

Wrenn, C. (2018). The Economic Toll of the Nonhuman Animal Agricultural Industry and a Meat Tax to Combat It. Society & Animals, 26(6), 639-643.

“I am a Vegetarian.”  Kenneth Joel Shapiro, Society & Animals, Vol 23, No. 2

“What Pushed Me over the Edge Was a Deer Hunter”: Being Vegan in North America. Christopher A. Hirschler. Volume 19, Issue 2, pages 156 – 174.

Framing Animal Rights in the “Go Veg” Campaigns of U.S. Animal Rights Organizations. Carrie Packwood Freeman. Volume 18, Issue 2, pages 163 – 182.

McDonald’s “Empirical Look at Becoming Vegan”. Rachel M. MacNair. Volume 9, Issue 1, pages 63 – 69.

Middle Earth, Narnia, Hogwarts, And Animals: A Review Of The Treatment Of Nonhuman Animals And Other Sentient Beings In Christian-Based Fantasy Fiction. Michael C. Morris. Volume 17, Issue 4, pages 343 – 356.

New Zealand Vegetarians: At Odds With Their Nation. Annie Potts; Mandala White. Volume 16, Issue 4, pages 336 – 353.

No Animal Food: The Road to Veganism in Britain, 1909-1944. Leah Leneman. Volume 7, Issue 3, pages 219 – 228.

Once You Know Something, You Can’t Not Know It”: An Empirical Look at Becoming Vegan. Barbara McDonald. Volume 8, Issue 1, pages 1 – 23.

Origin Of Adult Animal Rights Lifestyle In Childhood Responsiveness To Animal Suffering. Nicole R. Pallotta. Volume 16, Issue 2, pages 149 – 170.

Oryx And Crake And The New Nostalgia For Meat. Jovian Parry. Volume 17, Issue 3, pages 241 – 256.

The Inconsistent Vegetarian. Merle E. van der Kooi. Volume 18, Issue 3, pages 291 – 305.

Updated January 2019

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