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Articles on Literature, Poetry and Folklore

This is a collection of summaries of articles on literature, poetry and folklore from Society & AnimalsSociety & Animals is an academic journal that publishes studies that describe and analyze our experiences of non-human animals from the perspective of various disciplines within both the social sciences and humanities. To get access to the back issues of Society & Animals, please join as a Scholar or Professional Member.

Pyke, S. (2018). Reading Irish Nonhuman Animals. Society & Animals26(4), 437-440.

Beierl, B. (2014). An Intercultural Understanding of How We Imagine Nonhuman Animal Others. Society & Animals22(5), 537-540.

Moreman, C. M. (2014). On the Relationship between Birds and Spirits of the Dead. Society & animals22(5), 481-502.

Armbruster, K. (2014). Crossing an Almost Unimaginable Border. Society & Animals22(1), 106-109.

Pakeman, D. (2013). Fact and Fiction: Reinterpreting Animals in a National Museum. Society & Animals21(6), 591-593.

Donovan, J. (2013). Provincial life with animals. Society & Animals21(1), 17-33.

McHugh, S. (2009). Modern Animals: From Subjects to Agents in Literary Studies. Society & Animals17(4), 363-367.

Morris, M. (2009). Middle Earth, Narnia, Hogwarts, and animals: a review of the treatment of nonhuman animals and other sentient beings in Christian-based fantasy fiction. Society & Animals17(4), 343-356.

Parry, J. (2009). Oryx and Crake and the New Nostalgia for Meat. Society & Animals17(3), 241-256.

Varga, D. (2009). Babes in the Woods: Wilderness Aesthetics in Children’s Stories and Toys, 1830-1915. Society & Animals, 17(3), 187-205.

Donovan, J. (2009). Tolstoy’s Animals. Society & Animals17(1), 38-52.

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Henderson, A., & Anderson, M. (2005). Pernicious Portrayals: The impact of children’s attachment to animals of fiction on animals of fact. Society & Animals13(4), 297-314.

Armstrong, P. (2004). Moby-Dick and Compassion. Society & Animals12(1), 19-37.

Armstrong, P. (2002). The Postcolonial Animal. Society and Animals10(4), 413-420.

McKay, R. (2001). Getting Close to Animals with Alice Walker’s The Temple of My Familiar. Society & Animals9(3), 253-271.

Adams, M. (2000). Emily Bronte and dogs: Transformation within the human-dog bond. Society & Animals8(2), 167-181.

Malamud, R. (1998). Poetic Animals and Animal Souls. Society & Animals6(3), 263-277.


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