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Articles on Language and Animals

Articles on Language and Animals Overview

This is a collection of articles  on Language and Animals from the Society & Animals Journal in relation to the studies of the human-animal relationship.  The Society & Animals Journal is academic journal that publishes studies that describe and analyze our experiences of non-human animals from the perspective of various disciplines within both the social sciences and humanities.


A Language of Their Own: An Interactionist Approach to Human-Horse Communication. Keri Brandt. Volume 12, Issue 4. Pages: 299 –316.

A Linguistic Analysis Of Discourse On The Killing Of Nonhuman Animals. Jill Jepson. Volume 16, Issue 2. Pages: 127 –148.

Animals in Experimental Reports: The Rhetoric of Science. Lynda Birke and Jane Smith. Volume 3, Issue 1. Pages: 23 –42.

As Charming as a Pig: The Discursive Construction of the Relationship Between Pigs and Humans. Arran Stibbe. Volume 11, Issue 4. Pages: 375 –392.

Deep Ecology and Language: The Curtailed Journey of the Atlantic Salmon. Stibbe, Arran. Volume 14, Issue 1. Pages: 61 –77.

Elephants Who Marry Mice are Very Unusual: The Use of the Relative Pronoun Who with Nonhuman Animals. Gilquin, Gaëtanelle; Jacobs, George M. Volume 14, Issue 1. Pages: 79 –105.

Foxes, Hounds, and Horses: Who or Which? Gupta, Anthea Fraser. Volume 14, Issue 1. Pages: 107 –128.

Getting Close to Animals with Alice Walker’s The Temple of My Familiar. Robert McKay. Volume 9, Issue 3. Pages: 253 –271.

Human Uniqueness in the Age of Ape Language Research. Mary Trachsel. Volume 18, Issue 4. Pages: 397 –412.

Hunting and Illegal Violence Against Humans and Other Animals: Exploring the Relationship. Clifton P. Flynn. Volume 10, Issue 2. Pages: 137 –154.

Labels and the Treatment of Animals: Archival and Experimental Cases. D.W. Rajecki, Jeffrey Lee Rasmussen, and Heather D. Craft. Volume 1, Issue 1. Pages: 45 –60.

Language, Power, and the Social Construction of Animals. Arran Stibbe. Volume 9, Issue 2. Pages: 145 –161.

The Problem of Anthropomorphous Animals: Toward a Posthumanist Ethics. Nina Varsava. Volume 22, Issue 5. Pages: 520 –536.

Thinking Across Species Boundaries: General Sociality And Embodied Meaning. David B. Dillard-Wright. Volume 17, Issue 1. Pages: 53 –71.

Verbal Activism: “Anymal”. Kemmerer, Lisa A. Volume 14, Issue 1. Pages: 9 –14.


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