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Articles on Language and Animals

Articles on Language and Animals Overview

This is a collection of articles  on Language and Animals from the Society & Animals Journal in relation to the studies of the human-animal relationship.  The Society & Animals Journal is academic journal that publishes studies that describe and analyze our experiences of non-human animals from the perspective of various disciplines within both the social sciences and humanities.

Varsava, N. (2014). The Problem of Anthropomorphous Animals: Toward a Posthumanist Ethics. Society & Animals22(5), 520-536.

Trachsel, M. (2010). Human uniqueness in the age of ape language research. Society & Animals18(4), 397-412.

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Jepson, J. (2008). A linguistic analysis of discourse on the killing of nonhuman animals. Society & Animals16(2), 127-148.

Gupta, A. F. (2006). Foxes, hounds, and horses: Who or which?. Society & Animals14(1), 107-128.

Gilquin, G., & Jacobs, G. (2006). Elephants who marry mice are very unusual: The use of the relative pronoun who with nonhuman animals. Society & Animals14(1), 79-105.

Stibbe, A. (2006). Deep ecology and language: The curtailed journey of the Atlantic salmon. Society & Animals14(1), 61-77.

Kemmerer, L. (2006). Verbal Activism:” Anymal”. Society & Animals14(1), 9-14.

Brandt, K. (2004). A language of their own: An interactionist approach to human-horse communication. Society & Animals12(4), 299-316.6.

Stibbe, A. (2003). As charming as a pig: The discursive construction of the relationship between pigs and humans. Society & Animals11(4), 375-392.

Flynn, C. (2002). Hunting and illegal violence against humans and other animals: Exploring the relationship. Society & Animals10(2), 137-154.

McKay, R. (2001). Getting Close to Animals with Alice Walker’s The Temple of My Familiar. Society & Animals9(3), 253-271.

Stibbe, A. (2001). Language, power and the social construction of animals. Society & Animals9(2), 145-161.

Birke, L., & Smith, J. (1995). Animals in experimental reports: The rhetoric of science. Society & Animals3(1), 23-42.

Rasmussen, J. L., Craft, H. D., & Rajecki, D. W. (1993). Labels and the treatment of animals: Archival and experimental cases. Society & Animals1(1), 45-60.


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