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Articles on Hunting

This is a collection of articles about Hunting from Society & Animals in relation to the studies of the human-animal relationship. Society & Animals  is an academic journal that publishes studies that describe and analyze our experiences of non-human animals from the perspective of various disciplines within both the social sciences and humanities.

Norberg, Joakim; Engström, Andreas; Kjellén, Viktor; Carlsson, Jan. (2017). On the Hunt: How Do People Experience the Hunting of Nonhuman Animals? Society & Animals.

Aggression and Hunting Attitudes, Marc Stewart Wilson and Emma Peden, Society & Animals, Vol 23, No 1 (2015)

“An Extension of Me.”   Carol M. Corkran, Society & Animals, Vol 23, No. 3

Cultured Killers: Creating and Representing Foxhounds. Garry Marvin. Volume 9, Issue 3, pages 273 – 292.

Aggression and Hunting Attitudes. Marc Stewart Wilson and Emma Peden. Volume 23, Issue 1, pages 3 – 23.

Animals Women and Weapons: Blurred Sexual Boundaries in the Discourse of Sport Hunting. Linda Kalof, Amy Fitzgerald, and Lori Baralt. Volume 12, Issue 3, pages 237 – 251.

Changing Attitudes toward California’s Cougars. Jennifer R. Wolch, Andrea Gullo, and Unna Lassiter. Volume 5, Issue 2, pages 95 – 116.

Framing Cruelty: The Construction of Duck Shooting as a Social Problem. Lyle Munro. Volume 5, Issue 2, pages 137 – 154.

Game Killing and Killing Games: An Anthropologist Looking at Hunting in a Modern Society. Heidi Dahles. Volume 1, Issue 2, pages 169 – 184.

Hunting and Illegal Violence Against Humans and Other Animals: Exploring the Relationship. Clifton P. Flynn. Volume 10, Issue 2, pages 137 – 154.

Hunting the Exotic: Practices, Discourses, and Narratives of Hunting in New Zealand. Arianne Carvalhedo Reis. Volume 22, Issue 3, pages 289 – 308.

The Other Criminalities of Animal Freeze-Killers: Support for a Generality of Deviance. Gary S. Green. Volume 10, Issue 1, pages 5 – 30.

The Symbolic Role of Animals in the Plains Indian Sun Dance. Elizabeth Atwood Lawrence. Volume 1, Issue 1, pages 17 – 37.

A Statewide Examination Of Hunting And Trophy Nonhuman Animals: Perspectives Of Montana Hunters. Stephen L. Eliason. Volume 16, Issue 3, pages 256 – 278.

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