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Articles on Humane Education

This is a collection of articles on humane education from the Society & Animals Journal. Society & Animals is an academic journal that publishes studies that describe and analyze our experiences of non-human animals from the perspective of various disciplines within the social sciences and humanities.


Lockwood, A. (2018). Activists and Academics Can Promote Structural Change to End Nonhuman Animal Exploitation through Childhood Education. Society & Animals26(5), 541-544.

Arbour, R., Signal, T., & Taylor, N. (2009). Teaching kindness: The promise of humane education. Society & Animals17(2), 136.

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Nicoll, K., Samuels, W. E., & Trifone, C. (2008). An in-class, humane education program can improve young students’ attitudes toward animals. Society & Animals16(1), 45-60.

Lewis, J. (2007). The significant life experiences (SLEs) of humane educators. Society & Animals15(3), 285-298.

Irvine, L. (2002). Animal problems/people skills: Emotional and interactional strategies in humane education. Society & Animals10(1), 63-91.


Updated July 2019

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