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Articles on Children

This is a collection of summaries of articles on children from Society & Animals.  Society & Animals  is an academic journal that publishes studies that describe and analyze our experiences of non-human animals from the perspective of various disciplines within both the social sciences and humanities. To get access to the back issues of Society & Animals, please join as a Scholar or Professional Member.

Muldoon, J. C., Williams, J. M., Lawrence, A., & Currie, C. (2019). The Nature and Psychological Impact of Child/Adolescent Attachment to Dogs Compared with Other Companion Animals, Society & Animals27(1), 55-74.

Lockwood, A. (2018). Activists and Academics Can Promote Structural Change to End Nonhuman Animal Exploitation through Childhood Education, Society & Animals26(5), 541-544.

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Endenburg, N. Hein A. van Lith and Jolle Kirpensteijn.  Longitudinal Study of Dutch Children’s Attachment to Companion Animals. Society & Animals, 22(4), 390-414.

Grigore A.A. and Alina S. Rusu.  Interaction with a Therapy Dog Enhances the Effects of Social Story Method in Autistic Children.  Society & Animals, 22(3), 241-261.

Stewart, A. and Oriel Strickland.  A Companion Animal in a Work Simulation: The Roles of Task Difficulty and Prior Companion-Animal Guardianship in State Anxiety. Society & Animals, 21(3), 249-265.

Sanders, C.E., Bill C. Henry, Christine N. Giuliani and Lisa N. Dimmer. Bullies, Victims, and Animal Abusers: Do They Exhibit Similar Behavioral Difficulties? Society & Animals, 21(3),  225-239.

Randler, C., Eberhard Hummel and Pavol Prokop.  Practical Work at School Reduces Disgust and Fear of Unpopular Animals.  Society & Animals, 20(1), 61-74.

Tomažič,  Iztok.  Seventh Graders’ Direct Experience with, and Feelings toward, Amphibians and Some Other Nonhuman Animals.  Society & Animals, 19(3), 225-247.

Kršková, L., Alžbeta Talarovičová and Lucia Olexová.  Guinea pigs—The “Small Great” Therapist for Autistic Children, or: Do Guinea Pigs Have Positive Effects on Autistic Child Social Behavior?  Society & Animals, 18(2), 139-151.

Ellis, C. and L. Irvine. Reproducing Dominion: Emotional Apprenticeship in the 4-H Youth Livestock Program.  Society & Animals,18(1), 21-39.

Prokop,  P., Murat Özel and Muhammet Uşak.  Cross-Cultural Comparison of Student Attitudes toward Snakes.  Society & Animals, 17(3), 224-240.

Varga, Donna. Babes in the Woods: Wilderness Aesthetics in Children’s Stories and Toys, 1830-1915.   Society & Animals, 17(3), 187-205.

Arbour, R., T. Signal and N. Taylor.  Teaching Kindness: The Promise of Humane Education.    Society & Animals, 17(2), 136.

Staats, S., Heidi Wallace and Tara Anderson. Reasons for Companion Animal Guardianship (Pet Ownership) from Two Populations.  Society & Animals, 16(3), 279-291.

Sorge, C.  The Relationship Between Bonding with Nonhuman Animals and Students’ Attitudes Toward Science. Society & Animals, 16(2), 171-184.

Pallotta, N.R.. Origin of Adult Animal Rights Lifestyle in Childhood Responsiveness to Animal Suffering.  Society & Animals, 16(2),149-170.

Nicoll, K. Cindy Trifone and William Ellery Samuels.An In-class, Humane Education Program Can Improve Young Students’ Attitudes Toward Animals.    Society & Animals, 16(1), 45-60.

Hanrahan, R.  Dog DutySociety & Animals, 15(4), 379-399.

Woodward, L.E. and A.L. Bauer. People and Their Pets: A Relational Perspective on Interpersonal Complementarity and Attachment in Companion Animal Owners.   Society & Animals, 15(2), 169-189.

Wood, L.J., Billie Giles-Corti, Max K. Bulsara and Darcy A. Bosch.More Than a Furry Companion: The Ripple Effect of Companion Animals on Neighborhood Interactions and Sense of Community.   Society & Animals, 15(1), 43-56.

Valeri, R.M. Tails of Laughter: A Pilot Study Examining the Relationship between Companion Animal Guardianship (Pet Ownership) and Laughter.   Society & Animals, 14(3), 275-293.

Thompson, K.L and E. Gullone. An Investigation into the Association between the Witnessing of Animal Abuse and Adolescents’ Behavior toward Animals.  Society & Animals, 14(3), 221-243.

Anderson, M.V. and Antonia J. Z. Henderson. Pernicious Portrayals: The impact of children’s attachment to animals of fiction on animals of fact. Society & Animals, 13(4), 297-314.

Tallichet, S.E., Christopher Hensley and Stephen D. Singer.Unraveling the Methods of Childhood and Adolescent Cruelty to Nonhuman Animals.  Society & Animals, 13(2), 91-108.

Henry, B.C. The Relationship between Animal Cruelty, Delinquency, and Attitudes toward the Treatment of Animals. Society & Animals, 12(3) 185-207.

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Raupp, C.D.  Treasuring, Trashing or Terrorizing: Adult Outcomes of Childhood Socialization about Companion Animals. Society & Animals, 7(2), 141-159.

Myers, E.O.  Human Development as Transcendence of the Animal Body and the Child-Animal Association in Psychological Thought.  Society & Animals, 7(2), 121-140.

Grier, K.C..  Childhood Socialization and Companion Animals: United States, 1820-1870.   Society & Animals, 7(2), 95-120.

Serpell, J.  Guest Editor’s Introduction: Animals in Children’s Lives.  Society & Animals, 7(2),  87-94.

Bride, I.  Herpetofauna Pet-keeping by Secondary School Students: Causes for Concern.  Society & Animals, 6(1), 31-46.

Ascione, F.R., Claudia V. Weber and David S. Wood. The Abuse of Animals and Domestic Violence: A National Survey of Shelters for Women Who are Battered. Society & Animals, 5(3), 205-218.

Myers, E.O. Child-Animal Interaction: Nonverbal Dimensions.  Society & Animals, 4(1),19-35.

Johnson, K.R..  The Ambiguous Terrain of Petkeeping in Children’s Realistic Animal Stories. Society & Animals, 4(1), 1-17.

Birney, B.A.. Children, Animals, and Leisure Settings. Society & Animals, 3(2), 171-187.

Rasmussen, J.L., and D.W. Rajecki.Differences and Similarities in Humans’ Perceptions of the Thinking and Feeling of a Dog and a Boy.  Society & Animals, 3(2), 117-137.


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