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Articles on Attitudes Towards Animals

This is a collection of articles on Attitudes Towards Animals from the Society & Animals Journal in relation to the studies of the human-animal relationship. Society & Animals is an academic journal that publishes studies that describe and analyze our experiences of non-human animals from the perspective of various disciplines within both the social sciences and humanities.

Randler, Christoph; Binngießer, Janine; Vollmer, Christian. (2018). Composite Respect for Animals Scale. Society & Animals.

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Longitudinal Study of Dutch Children’s Attachment to Companion Animals, Nienke Endenburg; Hein A. van Lith and Jolle Kirpensteijn

A Different Cut? Comparing Attitudes toward Animals and Propensity for Aggression within Two Primary Industry Cohorts—Farmers and Meatworkers. Emma Richards; Tania Signal; Nik Taylor. Volume 21, Issue 4. Pages 395 – 413.

Attitudes and Dispositional Optimism of Animal Rights Demonstrators. Shelley L. Galvin and Harold A. Herzog, Jr.. Volume 6, Issue 1. Pages: 1 –11.

Attitudes of Australian and Turkish Students of Veterinary Medicine toward Nonhuman Animals and Their Careers. Serdar Izmirli; Ali Yigit and Clive Julian Christie Phillips. Volume 22, Issue 6. Pages 580 – 601.

Attitudes on Animal Research Predict Acceptance of Genetic Modification Technologies by University Undergraduates. Kara I. Gabriel; Brook H. Rutledge; Cynthia L. Barkley. Volume 20, Issue 4. Pages: 381 –400.

Attitudes to Animals in the Animal Protection Community Compared to a Normative Community Sample. Signal, Tania D.; Taylor, Nicola. Volume 14, Issue 3. Pages: 265 –274.

Attitudes to Animals: Demographics Within a Community Sample. Signal, Tania D.; Taylor, Nicola. Volume 14, Issue 2. Pages: 147 –157.

Attitudes toward Animals: Species Ratings. Janis Wiley Driscoll. Volume 3, Issue 2. Pages: 139 –150.

Attitudes Toward Animals: The Effect Of Priming Thoughts Of Human-Animal Similarities And Mortality Salience On The Evaluation Of Companion Animals. Ruth Beatson; Stephen Loughnan; Michael Halloran. Volume 17, Issue 1. Pages: 72 –89.

Biting the Hand that Heals You: Encounters with Problematic Patients in a General Veterinary Practice. Clinton R. Sanders. Volume 2, Issue 1. Pages: 47 –66.

Bullying And Animal Abuse: Is There A Connection? Bill C. Henry; Cheryl E. Sanders. Volume 15, Issue 2. Pages: 107 –126.

Can Attitudes About Animal Neglect Be Differentiated From Attitudes About Animal Abuse? Bill C. Henry. Volume 17, Issue 1. Pages 21 – 37.

Changing Attitudes toward California’s Cougars. Jennifer R. Wolch, Andrea Gullo, and Unna Lassiter. Volume 5, Issue 2. Pages 95 – 116.

Companion Animal Attitude and its Family Pattern in Kuwait. Ghenaim Al-Fayez, Abdelwahid Awadalla, Donald I. Templer, and Hiroko Arikawa. Volume 11, Issue 1. Pages: 17 –28.

Cross-Cultural Comparison Of Student Attitudes Toward Snakes. Pavol Prokop; Murat Özel; Muhammet Uşak. Volume 17, Issue 3. Pages: 224 –240

Definition and Cultural Representation of the Category Mushi in Japanese Culture. Erick Laurent. Volume 3, Issue 1. Pages: 61 –77.

Dissection as an Instructional Technique in Secondary Science: Choice and Alternatives. Alan D. Bowd. Volume 1, Issue 1. Pages: 83 –89.

Electronically Available Surveys of Attitudes Toward Animals. Harold A. Herzog. Volume 8, Issue 2. Pages: 183 –190.

Exploring the Gender Gap in Young Adults’ Attitudes about Animal Research. Linda K. Pifer. Volume 4, Issue 1. Pages: 37 –52.

Gender, Views of Nature, and Support for Animal Rights. Corwin R. Kruse. Volume 7, Issue 3. Pages: 179 –198.

Individual Difference And Study-Specific Characteristics Influencing Attitudes About The Use Of Animals In Medical Research. Bill Henry; Roarke Pulcino. Volume 17, Issue 4. Pages: 305 –324.

Knowledge and Attitudes of European Kosher Consumers as Revealed through Focus Groups. Florence Bergeaud-Blackler; Ari Z. Zivotofsky and Mara Miele. Volume 21, Issue 5. Pages: 425 –442.

Modification of the Pet Attitude Scale. Kathleen L. Munsell, Merle Canfield, Donald I. Templer, Kimberly Tangan, and Hiroko Arikawa. Volume 12, Issue 2. Pages: 137 –142.

Moral Disengagement and Attitudes about Violence toward Animals. Scott Vollum, Jacqueline Buffington-Vollum, and Dennis R. Longmire. Volume 12, Issue 3. Pages: 209 –235.

Orientations to Nonhuman Animal Welfare: A View from the Border. Catherine A. Faver and Jacqueline D. Muñoz. Volume 22, Issue 4. Pages 372 – 389.

Perceptions of Family Violence: Are Companion Animals in the Picture. Carol D. Raupp, Mary Barlow and Judith A. Oliver. Volume 5, Issue 3. Pages: 219 –237.

Pernicious Portrayals: The Impact of Children’s Attachment to Animals of Fiction on Animals of Fact. Anderson, Marla V.; Henderson, Antonia J.Z.. Volume 13, Issue 4. Pages: 297 –314.

Personality and Attitudes Toward the Treatment of Animals. Steve Mathews and Harold A Herzog, Jr.. Volume 5, Issue 2. Pages: 169 –175. Volume 5, Issue 2. Pages: 169 –175.

Personality Differences between Pro- and Anti-Vivisectionists. John Broida, Leanne Tingley, Robert Kimball and Joseph Miele. Volume 1, Issue 2. Pages: 129 –144.

Pet Ownership and Adults’ Views on the Use of Animals. Deborah L. Wells and Peter G. Hepper. Volume 5, Issue 1. Pages: 45 –63.

Practical Work at School Reduces Disgust and Fear of Unpopular Animals. Christoph Randler; Eberhard Hummel; Pavol Prokop. Volume 20, Issue 1. Pages: 61 –74.

Public Attitudes toward Animal Research: Some International Comparisons. Linda Pifer, Kinya Shimizu, and Ralph Pifer. Volume 2, Issue 2. Pages: 95 –113.

Public Attitudes toward Black Bears (Ursus americanus) and Cougars (Puma concolor) on Vancouver Island. Michael Campbell; Betty-Lou Lancaster.
Seventh Graders’ Direct Experience with, and Feelings toward, Amphibians and Some Other Nonhuman Animals. Iztok Tomažič. Volume 18, Issue 1. Pages: 40 –57.

The Motivational Bases of Attitudes Toward Animals. Adelma M. Hills. Volume 1, Issue 2. Pages: 111 –128.

The Relationship Between Bonding With Nonhuman Animals And Students’ Attitudes Toward Science. Carmen Sorge. Volume 16, Issue 2. Pages: 171 –184.

The Relationship between Empathy and Personality in Undergraduate Students’ Attitudes toward Nonhuman Animals. Ann C. Eckardt Erlanger; Sergei V. Tsytsarev. Volume 20, Issue 1. Pages: 21 –38.

The Relevance of Age and Gender for Public Attitudes to Brown Bears (Ursus arctos), Black Bears (Ursus americanus), and Cougars (Puma concolor) in Kamloops, British Columbia, Michael O’Neal Campbell. Volume 21, Issue 4. Pages: 341 –359.

Views of College Students on Pit Bull “Ownership”: New Providence, The Bahamas. Burrows, Tyrone J.; Fielding, William J.. Volume 13, Issue 2. Pages: 139 –152.

Who Said That? Status Presentation in Media Accounts of the Animal Experimentation Debate. Corwin R. Kruse. Volume 6, Issue 3. Pages 235 – 243.

A Statewide Examination Of Hunting And Trophy Nonhuman Animals: Perspectives Of Montana Hunter. Stephen L. Eliason. Volume 16, Issue 3. Pages: 256 –278.

Do Zoos and Aquariums Promote Attitude Change in Visitors? A Critical Evaluation of the American Zoo and Aquarium Study. Lori Marino; Scott O. Lilienfeld; Randy Malamud; Nathan Nobis; Ron Broglio. Volume 18, Issue 2. Pages 126 – 138.

Human Rights, Animal Wrongs? Exploring Attitudes toward Animal Use and Possibilities for Change. Sarah Knight; Kim Bard; Aldert Vrij; Doug Brandon. Volume 18, Issue 3. Pages 251 – 272.

In the Eye of the Beholder: Changing Social Perceptions of the Florida Manatee. Theresa L. Goedeke. Volume 12, Issue 2. Pages: 99 –116.

Strong Claims, Feeble Evidence: A Rejoinder to Falk et al. (2010). Lori Marino; Scott O. Lilienfeld; Randy Malamud; Nathan Nobis; Ron Broglio. Volume 19, Issue 3. Pages: 291 –293.
Using Grounded Theory to Examine People’s Attitudes Toward How Animals are Used. Sarah Knight, Karl Nunkoosing, Aldert Vrij, and Julie Cherryman. Volume 11, Issue 4. Pages: 307 –327.

Adolescents Care but Don’t Feel Responsible for Farm Animal Welfare , Jen Jamieson; Michael J. Reiss; David Allen; Lucy Asher; Matthew O. Parker; Christopher M. Wathes and Siobhan M. Abeyesinghe, Society & Animals, Vol 23, No. 3

Aggression and Hunting Attitudes, Marc Stewart Wilson and Emma Peden, Society & Animals, Vol 23, No 1 (2015)

Farm Animal Welfare and Children , Nelly Lakestani; Virginio Aguirre and Agustin Orihuela, Society & Animals, Vol 23, No. 4

Adolescents Care but Don’t Feel Responsible for Farm Animal Welfare , Jen Jamieson; Michael J. Reiss; David Allen; Lucy Asher; Matthew O. Parker; Christopher M. Wathes and Siobhan M. Abeyesinghe

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