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Articles on Animal Sheltering

This is a collection of articles on animal sheltering from Society & AnimalsSociety & Animals is an academic journal that publishes studies that describe and analyze our experiences of non-human animals from the perspective of various disciplines within both the social sciences and humanities. To get access to the back issues of Society & Animals, please join as a Scholar or Professional Member.

Kim, J. (2018). Social Finance Funding Model for Animal Shelter Programs: Public–Private Partnerships Using Social Impact Bonds. Society & Animals, 26(3).

Voslarova, E., Zak, J., Vecerek, V., & Bedanova, I. (2019). Coat color of shelter dogs and its role in dog adoption. Society & Animals, 27(1).

Carter, J., & Taylor, C. S. (2017). Socio-Economic Factors in Companion Animal Relinquishment on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Society & Animals.

Cat Culture, Human Culture: An Ethnographic Study of a Cat Shelter.  Janet M. Alger and Steven F. Alger. Volume 7, Issue 3.  Pages 199-218.

Legislating a Solution to Animal Shelter Euthanasia: A Case Study of California’s Controversial SB 1785.  Sarah A. Balcom.  Volume 8, Issue 1.  Pages  129-150.

Loving Them to Death: Blame-Displacing Strategies of Animal Shelter Workers and Surrenderers.  Stephanie S. Frommer and Arnold Arluke. Volume 7, Issue 1.  Pages 1-16.

Teaming Incarcerated Youth with Shelter Dogs For a Second Chance.  Tami Harbolt and Tamara H. Ward. Volume 9, Issue 2.  Pages 177-182.

Animal Problems/People Skills: Emotional and Interactional Strategies in Humane Education.  Leslie Irvine. Volume 10, Issue 1.  Pages 63-91.

Perpetration-induced Traumatic Stress in Persons Who Euthanize Nonhuman Animals in Surgeries, Animal Shelters, and Laboratories.  Vanessa Rohlf and Pauleen Bennett. Volume 13, Issue 3.  Pages 201-220.

Cooling Out the Mark in Companion Animal Adoption.  Carol Y. Thompson and Robert L. Young. Volume 22, Issue 4.  Pages 333-351.

And Say the Cat Responded? Getting Closer to the Feline Gaze.  Kara White. Volume 21, Issue 1.  Pages 93-104.

Give a Dog a Bad Name and Hang Him: Evaluating Big, Black Dog Syndrome.  Lucinda Woodward; Jennifer Milliken and Sonya Humy. Volume 20, Issue 3.  Pages 236-253.

Considering Companion Animals , Dawna Komorosky; Dianne Rush Woods and Kristine Empie, Vol 23, No. 3.

Updated January 2019

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