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Articles on Animal Abuse and Human Violence

This is a collection of articles on animal abuse and human violence from the Society & Animals Journal.  The Society & Animals Journal is an academic journal that publishes studies that describe and analyze our experiences of non-human animals from the perspective of various disciplines within the social sciences and humanities.

Tiplady, C. M., Walsh, D. B., & Phillips, C. J. C. (2017). The Animals are All I Have: Domestic Violence, Companion Animals, and Veterinarians. Society & Animals.

Hawkins, R. D., Hawkins, E. L., & Williams, J. M. (2017). Psychological Risk Factors for Childhood Nonhuman Animal Cruelty. Society & Animals, 25(3), 280-312.

Daly, B., & Morton, L. L. (2018). Empathic Differences in Men Who Witnessed Animal Abuse. Society & Animals, 26(1), 1-12.

A Union of Christianity, Humanity, and Philanthropy: The Christian Tradition and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Nineteenth-Century England. Chien-hui Li. Volume 8, Issue 3, pages: 265 –285.

Acknowledging the “Zoological Connection:” A Sociological Analysis of Animal Cruelty. Clifton P. Flynn. Volume 9, Issue 1, pages: 71 –87.

Addressing Animal Abuse: The Complementary Roles of Religion, Secular Ethics, and the Law. Pamela D. Frasch. Volume 8, Issue 3, pages: 331 –348.

Addressing Nonhuman Animal Abuse in Context. Mary Lou Randour. Volume 22, Issue 6, pages 623 – 632.

An Exploratory Study of Animal Cruelty Prosecution in New York. Andrea Kordzek. Volume 22, Issue 6, pages 602 – 622.

An Investigation into the Association between the Witnessing of Animal Abuse and Adolescents’ Behavior toward Animals. Thompson, Kelly L.; Gullone, Eleonora. Volume 14, Issue 3, pages: 221 –243.

Are Smelly Animals Happy? Competing Definitions of Laboratory Animal Cruelty and Public Policy. Julian McAllister Groves. Volume 2, Issue 2, pages: 125 –144.

Battered Women and Their Animal Companions: Symbolic Interaction Between Human and Nonhuman Animals. Clifton P. Flynn. Volume 8, Issue 2, pages: 99 –127.

Bullies, Victims, and Animal Abusers: Do They Exhibit Similar Behavioral Difficulties? Cheryl E. Sanders; Bill C. Henry; Christine N. Giuliani; Lisa N. Dimmer. Volume 21, Issue 3, pages: 225 –239.

Henry B. and Sanders C. (2005). Bullying and Animal Abuse: Is There a Connection? Society & Animals, (15): 107-126.

.Can Attitudes About Animal Neglect Be Differentiated From Attitudes About Animal Abuse? Bill C. Henry. Volume 17, Issue 1, pages 21 – 37.

Characteristics of Juvenile Offenders Admitting to Sexual Activity with Non-Human Animals. William M. Fleming, Brian Jory, and David L. Burton. Volume 10, Issue 1, pages: 31 –45 .

Cruel Intimacies and Risky Relationships: Accounting for Suffering in Industrial Livestock Production. Natalie Purcell. Volume 19, Issue 1, pages: 59 –81.

Dogmen: The Rationalization of Deviance. Craig J. Forsyth and Rhonda D. Evans Health. Volume 6, Issue 3, pages: 203 –218.

Domestic Violence and Dog Care in New Providence, The Bahamas. William J. Fielding. Volume 18, Issue 2, pages: 183 –203.

Empathic Correlates Of Witnessing The Inhumane Killing Of An Animal: An Investigation Of Single And Multiple Exposures. Beth Daly; Larry L. Morton. Volume 16, Issue 3, pages: 243 –255.

Framing Cruelty: The Construction of Duck Shooting as a Social Problem. Lyle Munro. Volume 5, Issue 2, pages: 137 –154.

From Animal Abuse to Interhuman Violence? A Critical Review of the Progression Thesis. Piers Beirne. Volume 12, Issue 1, pages 39 – 65.

Functional Links Between Intimate Partner Violence And Animal Abuse: Personality Features And Representations Of Aggression. Maya Gupta. Volume 16, Issue 3, pages: 223 –242.

Horse Maiming in the English Countryside: Moral Panic, Human Deviance, and the Social Construction of Victimhood. Roger Yates, Chris Powell, and Piers Beirne. Volume 9, Issue 1, pages: 1 –23.

Human-to-Animal Similarity and Participant Mood Influence Punishment Recommendations for Animal Abusers. Michael W. Allen, Mathew

Hunstone, Jon Waerstad, Emma Foy, Thea Hobbins, Britt Wikner, and Joanne Wirrel. Volume 10, Issue 3, pages: 267 –284.

Hunting and Illegal Violence Against Humans and Other Animals: Exploring the Relationship. Clifton P. Flynn. Volume 10, Issue 2, pages: 137 –154

Issues for Veterinarians in Recognizing and Reporting Animal Neglect and Abuse. Gary J. Patronek. Volume 5, Issue 3, pages: 267 –280.

Labels and the Treatment of Animals: Archival and Experimental Cases. D.W. Rajecki, Jeffrey Lee Rasmussen, and Heather D. Craft. Volume 1, Issue 1, pages: 45 –60.

Managing the Stigma of Outlaw Breeds: A Case Study of Pit Bull Owners. Hillary Twining, Arnold Arluke, and Gary Patronek. Volume 8, Issue 1, pages: 25 –52.

Marketing Deviance: The Selling of Cockfighting. Donna K. Darden and Steven K. Worden. Volume 4, Issue 2, pages: 211 –231.

Moral Disengagement and Attitudes about Violence toward Animals. Scott Vollum, Jacqueline Buffington-Vollum, and Dennis R. Longmire. Volume 12, Issue 3, pages: 209 –235.

Moral Disengagement and Support for Nonhuman Animal Farming. Les Mitchell. Volume 19, Issue 1, pages: 38 –58.

Sanders C and Henry B. (2015). Nonhuman Animal Cruelty, Bullying and Behavioral Difficulties Among Women. Society & Animals, (23): 68-80

Perceptions of Family Violence: Are Companion Animals in the Picture. Carol D. Raupp, Mary Barlow and Judith A. Oliver. Volume 5, Issue 3, pages: 219 –237.

Physical Cruelty Toward Animals in Massachusetts, 1975-1996. Arnold Arluke and Carter Luke. Volume 5, Issue 3, pages: 195 –204.

The Abuse of Animals and Domestic Violence: A National Survey of Shelters for Women who are Battered. Frank R. Ascione, Claudia V. Weber, and David S. Wood. Volume 5, Issue 3, pages: 205 –218.

The Children’s Treatment of Animals Questionnaire (CTAQ): A Psychometric Investigation. Kelly L. Thompson and Eleonora Gullone. Volume 11, Issue 1, pages 1 – 15.

The development of the ‘P.E.T.’ Scale for the measurement of Physical and Emotional Tormenting against Animals in Adolescents. Anna C. Baldry. Volume 12, Issue 1, pages: 1 –17.

The Other Criminalities of Animal Freeze-Killers: Support for a Generality of Deviance. Gary S. Green. Volume 10, Issue 1, pages: 5 –30.

The Relationship between Animal Cruelty, Delinquency, and Attitudes toward the Treatment of Animals. Bill C. Henry. Volume 12, Issue 3, pages: 185 –207.

Treasuring, Trashing, or Terrorizing: Adult Outcomes of Childhood Socialization with Companion Animals. Carol D. Raupp. Volume 7, Issue 2, pages: 141 –159.

Unraveling the Methods of Childhood and Adolescent Cruelty to Nonhuman Animals. Tallichet, Suzanne E.; Hensley, Christopher; Singer, Stephen D.. Volume 13, Issue 2, pages: 91 –108.

Nonhuman Animal Cruelty, Bullying, and Behavioral Difficulties among Women, Cheryl E. Sanders and Bill C. Henry, Society & Animals, Vol 23, No 1 (2015)

Considering Companion Animals , Dawna Komorosky; Dianne Rush Woods and Kristine Empie, Society & Animals, Vol 23, No. 3

The Slaughterhouse, Social Disorganization, and Violent Crime in Rural Communities ,  Jessica Racine Jacques, Society & Animals, Vol 23, No. 6

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