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Student Animals and Society Institute (SASI) chapters are student groups–either undergraduate, graduate, or both–that are affiliated with the ASI and share its mission of helping animals by promoting human-animal studies in colleges and universities.

SASI chapters are an instrumental part of the rapidly growing interdisciplinary academic field which examines the complex and multi-dimensional relationships between humans and other animals — be those relationships real or virtual, historical or contemporary, factual or fictional, beneficial or detrimental. A SASI chapter can be a powerful forum on campus for education and scholarship aimed at understanding the relationship between humans and other animals, and can engage in a variety of projects aimed at both informing students about this relationship or directly helping animals.

To find out more about our SASI chapters, visit our SASI Chapter page.

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student interested in forming a Student Animals and Society Institute (SASI) chapter, please visit our page on how to start an SASI chapter or contact Gala Argent for additional information. SASI chapter members benefit from getting visits from Animals and Society Institute staff members, get access to SASI grants to help with travel to conferences or bringing in speakers, and get free student scholar memberships for their directors.

Contact us to find out more!

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