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2016 HAS Books

Adams, C.J. (2016). The Carol J. Adams Reader. Bloomsbury.

Ahmad, D. (2016). Success Depends on the Animals: Emigrants, Livestock, and Wild Animals on the Overland Trails, 1840–1869. Reno: University of Nevada Press.

Ahuja, N. (2016). Bioinsecurities: Disease Interventions, Empire, and the Government of Species. Duke University Press.

Almiron, N., M, Cole, & C. P. Freeman (2015). Critical Animal and Media Studies: Communication for Nonhuman Animal Advocacy, New York: Routledge.

Aloi, G. (2016). Taxidermy and Contemporary Art. Routledge.

Among Animals 2: The Lives of Animals and Humans in Contemporary Short Fiction. Ashland Creek Press, 2016.

Asdal, K., Druglitrø, T., & Hinchliffe, S. (Eds.). (2016). Humans, Animals and Biopolitics: The More-than-human Condition. Routledge.

Bach, R.A. (2016). Birds and Other Creatures in Renaissance Literature: Shakespeare, Descartes, and Animal Studies. Routledge.

Balcombe, J. (2016). What a Fish Knows: The Inner Lives of Our Underwater Cousins. Scientific American/Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Bardosh, K. (2016). One Health: Science, politics and zoonotic disease in Africa. Routledge.

Bastian, M. (2016). More-than-human participatory research. Routledge.

Bjørkdahl, K. Animal Housing and Human-animal Relations: Politics, Practices and Infrastructures. Routledge.

Blazina, C. and L. Kogan. (2016). Men and Their Dogs: A New Understanding of “Man’s Best Friend.” Springer.

Bramble, B. and R.W. Fischer, (Eds.) (2016). The Moral Complexities of Eating Meat. Oxford, Oxford University Press.

Broderick, L. (2016). People with Animals: Perspectives and Studies in Ethnozooarchaeology. Oxbow Books.

Capper, D. (2016). Learning Love from a Tiger: Religious Experiences with Nature. University of California.

Castricano, J. and L. Corman. (2016). Animal Subjects 2.0 (Environmental Humanities). WLU.

Cavalieri, P. (Ed.). (2016). Philosophy and the Politics of Animal Liberation. Springer.

Chen, Peter John (2016). Animal Welfare in Australia: Politics and Policy. Sydney University Press.

Cherry, E. (2016). Culture and Activism: Animal Rights in France and the United States. Routledge.

Chignell, A., T. Cuneo, and M. Halteman, (Eds.) (2016). Philosophy Comes to Dinner. Arguments on the Ethics of Eating. New York, NY, Routledge.

Chrulew, M. and J. Widiwel. (Eds.) (2016). Foucault and Animals.

Colb, S. and M. Dorf. (2016). Beating Hearts: Abortion and Animal Rights (Critical Perspectives on Animals: Theory, Culture, Science, and Law). Columbia.

Cole, M., & Stewart, K. (2016). Our children and other animals: The cultural construction of human-animal relations in childhood. Routledge.

Dashper, K. (2016). Human-animal Relationships in Equestrian Sport and Leisure. Routledge.

Davis, J. (2016). The Gospel of Kindness: Animal Welfare and the Making of Modern America. Oxford.

Deckers, J. (2016). Animal (De) liberation. London: Ubiquity Press.

DeMello, M. (2016). (Ed.). Mourning Animals: Rituals and Practices Surrounding Animal Death. Michigan State.

Desmond, J. (2016). Displaying Death and Animating Life: Human-Animal Relations in Art, Science, and Everyday Life. Illinois.

Dierckxsens, G., Bijlsma, R., Begun, M., & Kiefer, T. (2016). The Animal Inside: Essays at the Intersection of Philosophical Anthropology and Animal Studies. Rowman & Littlefield.

Donovan, J. (2016). The Aesthetics of Care: On the Literary Treatment of Animals. Bloomsbury.

Draheim, M., F.Madden, and J.B. McCarthy (Eds.).(2016). Human-Wildlife Conflict: Complexities in the Marine Environment. Oxford University Press.

Engel, M. and G. Comstock, (Eds.). (2016). The Moral Rights of Animals. Lanham, MD, Lexington Books.

Engelhard, M. (2016). Ice Bear: The Cultural History of an Arctic Icon. University of Washington Press.

Farina, A., Brentari, C., Dow, K., Drenthen, M., Dufourcq, A., Gaitsch, P., … & Tokarski, M. (2016). Thinking about Animals in the Age of the Anthropocene. Rowman & Littlefield.

Fine, A. H., & Eisen, C. J. (2016). Afternoons with Puppy 2nd Edition: Lessons for Life from a Therapist and His Animals. Purdue University Press.

Flores, N. C. (Ed.). (2016). Animals in the Middle Ages. Routledge.

Frasch, P.a and K. Hessler. (2016). Animal Law in a Nutshell. 2nd Edition

Garmendia da Trindade, G. & A. Woodhall (2016). Intervention or Protest: Acting for Nonhuman Animals. Malaga, Spain: Vernon Press.

Gissibl, B. (2016). The Nature of German Imperialism: Conservation and the Politics of Wildlife in Colonial East Africa (Vol. 9). Berghahn Books.

Gluck, J. (2016). Harlow’s Primates: A Critique of the Culture of Laboratory-Based Animal Research. University of Chicago Press.

Gluck, J. P. (2016). Voracious Science and Vulnerable Animals: A Primate Scientist’s Ethical Journey. University of Chicago Press.

Grigson, C. (2016). Menagerie: The History of Exotic Animals in England. New York: Oxford University Press.

Haraway, D. J. (2016). Staying with the trouble: Making kin in the Chthulucene. Duke University Press.

Herman, D. (Ed.) (2016). Creatural Fictions: Human-Animal Relationships in Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century Literature. Palgrave Macmillan.

Hunter, S. and R.A. Brisbin, Jr. (2016). Pet Politics: The Political and Legal Lives of Cats, Dogs, and Horses in Canada and the United States. Purdue.

Hurn, S. (Ed.). (2016). Anthropology and Cryptozoology: Exploring Encounters with Mysterious Creatures. Routledge.

Karnicky, J. (2016). Scarlet Experiment: Birds and Humans in America. Nebraska.

Locke, P. and J. Buckingham (Eds). (2016). Conflict, Negotiation, and Coexistence: Rethinking Human-Elephant Relations in South Asia. Oxford University Press.

Lockwood, A. (2016). The Pig in Thin Air: An Identification. Lantern Books.

Marra, P. and C. Santella. (2016). Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer. Princeton University Press.

Newmyer, S. (2016). The Animal and the Human in Ancient Thought. 2016. Routledge.

Nobis, N. (2016). Animals & Ethics 101: Thinking Critically About Animal Rights. Open Philosophy Press.

Pacini-Ketchabaw, V. and A. Taylor. (2016). Children and Animals: Common World Ethics for Entangled Lives. Routledge.

Pierce, J. (2016). Run, Spot, Run: The Ethics of Keeping Pets. University of Chicago Press.

Piotr Pregowski, M. (Ed.). (2016). Companion Animals in Everyday Life: Situating Human-Animal Engagement within Cultures.

Piotr Pregowski, M. and J. Wlodarczyk, (Eds.). (2016). Free Market Dogs: The Human-canine Bond in Post-communist Poland. Purdue.

Pizzato, M. (2016). Beast-People Onscreen and in Your Brain: The Evolution of Animal-Humans from Prehistoric Cave Art to Modern Movies. ABC-CLIO.

Potts, A. (2016). Meat Culture. Brill.

Strier, K. (2016). Primate Ethnographies. Routledge.

Tait, P. (2016). Fighting Nature: Travelling Menageries, Animal Acts and War Shows Literature. Sydney University Press.

Tobias, M. C., & Morrison, J. G. (2016). Anthrozoology: Embracing Co-Existence in the Anthropocene. Springer.

Tønnessen, M. and K. Armstrong Oma. (2016). Thinking about Animals in the Age of the Anthropocene (Ecocritical Theory and Practice). Rowman.

Visak, T. and R. Garner, (Eds.). (2016). The Ethics of Killing Animals. Oxford, Oxford University Press.

Wise, M. D. (2016). Producing Predators: Wolves, Work, and Conquest in the Northern Rockies. U of Nebraska Press.

Wrenn, C. (2016). A Rational Approach to Animal Rights: Extensions in Abolitionist Theory. Palgrave Macmillan.

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