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Articles on General Animal Welfare Issues

This is a collection of articles on General Animal Welfare Issues from JAAWS in relation to the studies of the human-animal relationship. The Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science (JAAWS) is the leading peer-reviewed journal on the science of animal welfare for veterinarians, scientists and public policy makers. It presents articles and reports on practices that demonstrably enhance the welfare of wildlife, companion animals and animals used in research, agriculture and zoos.

Miranda-de la Lama, G. C., Estévez-Moreno, L. X., Villarroel, M., Rayas-Amor, A. A., María, G. A., & Sepúlveda, W. S. (2019). Consumer Attitudes Toward Animal Welfare-Friendly Products and Willingness to Pay: Exploration of Mexican Market Segments. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, 22(1), 13-25.

“Animals First”: Good Communication May Be the Missing Element in Nonhuman Animal Welfare Systems. Don Moore, Erika Bauer & Brandie Smith. Volume 16, Issue 4. Page 393.

Animal Care Courses: Helping Fulfill the Mandate of Animal Care Committees in Canada. Alan D. Bowd. Volume 1, Issue 4. Pages 353-360.

Animal Disease and Human Trauma: The Psychosocial Implications of the 2001 UK Foot and Mouth Disease Disaster. Maggie Mort, Ian Convery, Josephine Baxter & Cathy Bailey. Volume 11, Issue 2. Pages 133-148.

Animal Welfare and Epidemiology—Across Species, Across Disciplines, and Across Borders. Suzanne T. Millman, Anna K. Johnson, Annette M. O’Connor & Adroaldo J. Zanella. Volume 12, Issue 2. Pages 83-87.

Animal Welfare—Scientific Approaches to the Issues. Suzanne T. Millman. Volume 12, Issue 2. Pages 88-96.

Animal-Facilitated Therapy Revisited. Gary J. Patronek. Volume 3, Issue 3. Pages 263-265.

Changing Social Ethics Toward Nonhuman Animals. Peter D. Thornton. Volume 3, Issue 3. Pages 269-271.

Chinese University Students’ Attitudes Toward the Ethical Treatment and Welfare of Animals. Gareth Davey. Volume 9, Issue 4. Pages 289-297.

Dolly’s Deceiving Perfection: Biotechnology, Animal Welfare, and Ethics. Arno Van’t Hoog, Tjard de Cock Buning & Anja Hazekamp. Volume 3, Issue 1. Pages 63-69.

Ethics and Genetic Engineering. Paul B. Thompson. Volume 1, Issue 2. Pages 175-177.

Ethosearch: A New Online Resource for Ethograms and Evaluating Behavior and Welfare. Stephen R. Ross. Volume 16, Issue 4. Pages 397-398.

History and Future of Animal Welfare Science. Jack L. Albright. Volume 1, Issue 2. Pages 145-166.

Individualism and Nonindividualism in the Application of Nonhuman Animal Welfare to Policy. J W Yeates. Volume 16, Issue 3. Pages 254-271.

Life Sciences Learning: An Approach That Promotes Progress and Respects Life. Lara Marie Rasmussen. Volume 4, Issue 2. Pages 131-134.

Measuring Animal Welfare. Richard D. Ryder. Volume 1, Issue 1. Pages 75-80.

Scientists’ Assessment of the Impact of Housing and Management on Animal Welfare. Anonymous. Volume 4, Issue 1. Pages 3-52.

Surveying Animal Welfare Science and Policy. Jerrold Tannenbaum. Volume 2, Issue 2. Pages 147-149.

The Impact of Epizootics on Livelihoods. Sebastian E. Heath. Volume 11, Issue 2. Pages 98-111.

The Role of Cognitive Styles and Sociodemographic Characteristics in Consumer Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Nonhuman Animal Welfare. Mauro Musto, Daniela Faraone, Francesco Cellini. Volume 17, Issue 3. Pages 198-215.

Thirty Years After Brambell: Whither Animal Welfare Science? Joy A. Mench. Volume 1, Issue 2. Pages 91-102.

Using Data Collected for Production or Economic Purposes to Research Production Animal Welfare: An Epidemiological Approach. Cate Dewey, Charles Haley, Tina Widowski, Robert Friendship, Janet Sunstrum & Karen Richardson. Volume 12, Issue 2. Pages 105-113.

Visitor Circulation and Nonhuman Animal Welfare: An Overlooked Variable? Gareth Davey & Peter Henzi. Volume 7, Issue 4. Pages 243-251.

Willingness to Pay: Animal Welfare and Related Influencing Factors in China. Yingjie Zhao & Shasha Wu. Volume 14 Issue 2. Pages 150-161.

Comment on AAALAC International and Compliance With Animal Welfare Laws. Christian E. Newcomer & John J. McGlone, JAAWS,  Vol. 18, No. 3, 2015

Trying to Make Regulation Something More Than Just a Burden: A Review of Excellence Beyond Compliance: Enhancing Animal Welfare Through the Constructive Use of the Animal Welfare Act, edited by James F. Gesualdi, by Emily Patterson-Kane, JAAWS, Vol 19, No. 1, 2016

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