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Defining Biosemiotics with Alison Sealey

This week’s Defining HAS video comes to us from Alison Sealey, Professor of Applied Linguistics at Lancaster University, UK.

Dr. Sealey has published extensively on a wide range of subjects, with an emphasis on the role of discourse in representations of the social world. She was co-investigator on the project ‘”People”, “products”, “pests” and “pets”: the discursive representation of animals’, funded by the Leverhulme Trust (2013-2017), and among her recent publications are ‘Translation: a biosemiotic/more-than-human perspective (Target. International Journal of Translation Studies), ‘Animals, animacy and anthropocentrism’ (International Journal of Language and Culture 5/2); ‘”What do animals mean to you?”: naming and relating to non-human animals’ (with Nickie Charles, Anthrozoos 26/4); ‘The Discursive Representation of Animals’ (with Guy Cook, The Routledge Handbook of Ecolinguistics). She continues to research the implications of the ways we talk about the non-humans with whom we share the planet.

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