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South Carolina Courses

University of South Carolina, Upstate


Animals and Society

Clif Flynn

This course will examine the role of animals in human society. It will examine how animals are socially constructed, it will challenge traditional representations of nonhuman animals, and study animals as minded social actors. It will apply sociological approaches to the study of human-animal relationships, and even animal-animal relationships. Finally, it will explore the oppression of nonhuman animals, and consider the moral status and rights of animals in human society.


Winthrop College


Animals & Society

Jonathan Marx

The general goal of this course is to facilitate the student’s ability to understand the place animals occupy in the human social and cultural spaces and the interactions humans have with them.


Wofford College


The Fictional and Not-So Fictional Lives of Animals

Nancy Williams

The course is an exploration of the interconnections between the fictional and non-fictional representations of the lives of animals and our complex relationship with them. After reading fictional accounts about the human-animal relationship, such as The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G.Wells, we move on to examine the ways in which these accounts correspond to the realities of animal lives, such as vivisection. Within this format, we will analyze some of the ethical issues relating to animal welfare and the human-animal relationship and attempt to answer the following philosophical questions: What is the nature of our relationship with animals? What can we learn about ourselves from our relationship with other animals? How should animals be treated?


Philosophy of Food

Nancy Michelle Williams

Our Peculiar Relationship with Animals

Nancy Michelle Williams

Feminism and Animals

Nancy Michelle Williams

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