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Louisiana Courses

Louisiana State University

Veterinary Medicine

Animals in Society I and II

Human-animal relationships, human-animal bond, pet facilitated therapy, animal welfare, and animal rights. Two part course.

Southeastern Louisiana University


Reading Animal Lives in a Posthuman Age

 Ziba Rashidian

This course will focus on the new field in literary studies dedicated to the examination of our culture’s ideas about animal lives and where we as human beings stand in relation to those lives. A lot of work is being done to retrieve the histories of individual animals and species and to help us understand nonhuman subjectivities. The field contributes to a rethinking of how we share the planet with other living beings and sees nonhuman lives as having their own intrinsic worth. The specter of an impending great extinction has given added relevance to this new field. Our readings will explore our cultural ideas about animals, the new narratives of animal subjectivities, and fiction that respond to anxieties caused by the threat of a sixth extinction.

South Louisiana Community College


Animals in Literature

Erin Breaux

This course is an introduction to the techniques of critical reading with emphasis on theme and various genres. Students will explore various literary movements, conventions, and styles. Course content may vary by semester. In this section, we will focus on a selection of literary texts (film, novels, graphic novels, poetry) that use animals as symbols, voices, characters, or inspiration. We will analyze the texts to see how they work as literature, what they teach us about animals, what they reveal about humans and our relationships to animals, and how they provide entry to various social issues and ethical questions involving animals. We will reference cultural ideas and texts, interdisciplinary research, and recent news on animal issues, connecting these to the literary works. Ultimately, the literature this semester will help us better understand our personal, cultural, and ethical relationships with animals, and it will encourage us to reevaluate how we (humans and animals) inhabit each other’s worlds—both real and imagined.


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