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Human-Animal Studies: Courses in Ireland

This is a list of colleges and universities in Ireland that provide courses in Human-Animal studies.  This includes the name of the college, the name of the course, who is teaching the course, and brief description of the animal science course that the instructor will be covering.


University College Dublin

Animals and Human Society

Seán L’Estrange, Sociology

Human society is unthinkable without animals.  Whether as sources of food, clothing or labour; as predators, pests or pets; as inspiration for systems of thought from myth to religion to science; as symbols that shape language and literature; as sources of entertainment or means of education; as fertilisers of soil, propagators of seeds, progenitors of lethal diseases-animals have been a part of human history and integral to the development of human societies.  This fundamental fact has, however, been largely overlooked by sociologists and other social scientists until very recently.  This course therefore introduces students to the newly emerging field dedicated to the social-scientific study of human-animal relationships.  Drawing upon the work of anthropologists, archeologists, evolutionary biologists, geographers, historians, philosophers, psychologists, sociologists, veterinary medics, wildlife conservationists, and zoologists, the course examines a range of topics in the field of human-animal studies.  These include: human/animal distinctions and definitions; classification systems; histories of human-animal relations; animal domestication processes and their consequences; farming practices, animal slaughter and meat production; working animals; pets and pet-keeping; animals in education, entertainment, and sport; animals in science and medicine; animal protection and animal rights movements; the future of human-animal relationships.

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