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2018 Summer Institute Participants

Meet the 2018 ASI-UIUC Summer Institute Participants!

We are so proud to announce the participants for the 2018 ASI-UIUC Summer Institute. As you can see, these scholars, who come from around the world, have super interesting projects!

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Anat Ben-Yonatan. Doctoral Student in Sociology & Anthropology, Bar-Ilan University
“A time to kill” (Ecclesiastes, 3:3): Jewish Shochtim in a changing reality.

Sarah Bezan, PhD. Newton International Fellow, Sheffield University
Animating the Fossil Image: Iconographies of Contingency in Contemporary Paleoart

Ashleigh Day. Graduate student in Communication, Wayne State University
Human-Animal Relationships, Hurricane Harvey, and Sense-Making: The Role of Communication During Disasters

Rebecca Delker, PhD. Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Columbia University
Implications of the Structure of Biomedical Research on the Cultural Perception of the Ethics of Animal Experimentation

Matthieu Dubeau. Graduate student in Political Science, University of Washington
Species-Being and the Five Faces of Interspecies Oppression

Silke Feltz. Graduate student in Humanities, Michigan Technological University
Rhetoric of veganism: A qualitative analysis of food narratives

July Hazard, MFA. Lecturer, Comparative History of Ideas, University of Washington-Seattle
Put together with animals: human-animal self collection in the fracture commons

Orit Hirsch-Matsioulas. Doctoral student in Sociology and Anthropology, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev; lecturer, Department of Multi-Disciplinary Studies, Haifa University
Homo Homini Canis Est – Canine-Human Relationship and the Social Construction of ‘Belonging’, ‘Strangers’ and ‘the Other’ in a Greek Island

Kris Hiuser. PhD in Theology
A Theology of Animals: Animals and the Doctrine of Creation

Ina Linge. PhD. Associate Research Fellow, College of Humanities, University of Exeter
Rethinking the human: sexology, zoology, literature and visual art after Darwin (c1890-1930)

Louise Logan. Graduate Student in English, University of Strathclyde
Animals, Order, and Recalcitrance: In and Between the Street and the Home in the Victorian City and the Illustrated Police News

Maria Lux. Assistant Professor of Art, Whitman College
Famous Monsters

Martha Mariana Martin-Yanez. Graduate student in Anthropology, Autonomous University of Yucatan
From pig to pork: interspecies relations and contemporary capitalism in Yucatan

Mariana Olsen. Graduate student in Psychology, Montana State University
Does Increased Task Difficulty Reveal Individual Differences in Executive Function in Domestic Dogs?

Jonathan Osborn. Graduate student in Dance Studies, York University
Between Species: Choreographing Human and Animal Bodies

Marcel Sebastian. Research Assistant and Graduate Student, Institute for Sociology, University of Hamburg
How do slaughterhouse workers deal with killing animals?

Dorothy Simnett. Graduate Student in Conflict Resolution, Nova Southeastern University
The Political Animal: The Animal Rights Movement and its Effect on Public Policy

Matthew Sutton, PhD. Instructor in Russian Studies, Rhodes College
Meeting the Beast: Nikolai Leskov’s Animal Personas

Elizabeth Tavella. Graduate Student in Italian Studies, University of Chicago
From oppression to compassion: redefining the relationship between human and nonhuman animals through contemporary Italian narratives

Maisie Tomlinson. Graduate Student in Sociology, University of Manchester
Critical anthropomorphism’ and multi-species ethnography: an investigation into animal behaviour expertise

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