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Animal Attitudes Survey for End of Course

Animal Attitudes Survey for End of Course
This anonymous survey is helping ASI acquire information about students' attitudes towards animals, and whether those attitudes have been changed by taking a human-animal studies course.

Listed below are 20 statements regarding the use of animals. Circle the letters that indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement:

SA = Strongly Agree
A= Agree
U= Undecided
D= Disagree
SD = Strongly Disagree

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1. It is morally wrong to hunt wild animals just for sport. *
2. I do not think that there is anything wrong with using animals in medical research. *
3. There should be extremely stiff penalties including jail sentences for people who participate in cock-fighting. *
4. Wild animals, such as mink and raccoons, should not be trapped and their skins made into fur coats. *
5. There is nothing morally wrong with hunting wild animals for food. *
6. I think people who object to raising animals for meat are too sentimental. *
7. Much of the scientific research done with animals is unnecessary and cruel. *
8. I think it is perfectly acceptable for cattle and hogs to be raised for human consumption. *
9. Basically, humans have the right to use animals as we see fit. *
10. The slaughter of whales and dolphins should be immediately stopped even if it means some people will be put out of work. *
11. I sometimes get upset when I see wild animals in cages at zoos. *
12 In general, I think that human economic gain is more important than setting aside more land for wildlife. *
13. Too much fuss is made over the welfare of animals these days when there are many human problems that need to be solved. *
14. Breeding animals for their skins is a legitimate use of animals. *
15. Some aspects of biology can only be learned through dissecting preserved animals such as cats. *
16. Continued research with animals will be necessary if we are to ever conquer diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and AIDS. *
17. It is unethical to breed purebred dogs for pets when millions of dogs are killed in animal shelters each year. *
18. The production of inexpensive meat, eggs, and dairy products justifies maintaining animals under crowded conditions. *
19. The use of animals such as rabbits for testing the safety of cosmetics and household products is unnecessary and should be stopped. *
20. The use of animals in rodeos and circuses is cruel. *
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