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2018 Articles on the Link Between Violence to Animals and Humans

This is a collection of articles on the link between violence to animals and humans, published in 2018.

Arluke, A., Lankford, A., & Madfis, E. (2018). Harming animals and massacring humans: Characteristics of public mass and active shooters who abused animals. Behavioral sciences & the law.

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Bright, M. A., Huq, M. S., Spencer, T., Applebaum, J. W., & Hardt, N. (2018). Animal cruelty as an indicator of family trauma: Using adverse childhood experiences to look beyond child abuse and domestic violence. Child Abuse & Neglect, 76, 287-296.

Coca-Pérez, A., Cáceres-Feria, R., & Valcuende del Río, J. M. (2018). Human–animal sexual relations and the construction of masculinity in livestock farming contexts: The case of Andalusia (Spain). Sexualities, 1363460718790886.

Coorey, L., & Coorey-Ewings, C. (2018). Animal Victims of Domestic and Family Violence: Raising Youth Awareness. Animal Studies Journal, 7(1), 1-40.

Hensley, C., & Ketron, J. B. (2018). The predictive ability of childhood animal cruelty methods for later interpersonal crimes. Behavioral sciences & the law.

Lee-Kelland, R., & Finlay, F. (2018). Children who abuse animals: when should you be concerned about child abuse? A review of the literature. Archives of disease in childhood, archdischild-2018.

Levitt, L. (2018). Animal maltreatment: Implications for behavioral science professionals. Behavioral sciences & the law.

Longobardi, C., & Badenes-Ribera, L. (2018). The relationship between animal cruelty in children and adolescent and interpersonal violence: A systematic review. Aggression and Violent Behavior.

McDonald, S. E. (2018). Animal maltreatment in households experiencing family violence. The Routledge International Handbook of Human Aggression: Current Issues and Perspectives.

McDonald, S. E., Cody, A. M., Booth, L. J., Peers, J. R., Luce, C. O. C., Williams, J. H., & Ascione, F. R. (2018). Animal Cruelty among Children in Violent Households: Children’s Explanations of their Behavior. Journal of Family Violence, 1-12.

Sohn, S. (2018). Animal cruelty and interpersonal violence. 정신보건과 사회사업, 46(4), 88-107.

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