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2018 Articles on Animal Abuse

This is a collection of articles published in 2018 on animal abuse.

Almeida, D. C., Torres, S. M., & Wuenschmann, A. (2018). Retrospective analysis of necropsy reports suggestive of abuse in dogs and cats. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 252(4), 433-439.

Arluke, A., Lankford, A., & Madfis, E. (2018). Harming animals and massacring humans: Characteristics of public mass and active shooters who abused animals. Behavioral sciences & the law.

Arnold, S., Mackensen, H., Ofensberger, E., & Rusche, B. (2018). Assessment of Recent Cases of Animal Hoarding in Germany: The Challenge for Animal Shelters and Public Authorities. People and Animals: The International Journal of Research and Practice, 1(1), 7.

Ascione, F. R., McDonald, S. E., Tedeschi, P., & Williams, J. H. (2018). The relations among animal abuse, psychological disorders, and crime: implications for forensic assessment. Behavioral sciences & the law.

Barrett, B. J., Fitzgerald, A., Peirone, A., Stevenson, R., & Cheung, C. H. (2018). Help-seeking among abused women with pets: Evidence from a Canadian sample. Violence and Victims, 33(4), 604-626.

Blaznik, M. (2018). training Young Killers: how butcher Education might be damaging Young People. Journal of Animal Ethics, 8(2), 199-215.

Bosha, J. A., Tion, M. T., & Agbo, J. O. (2018). A case of cruelty in dog and its management.

Bright, M. A., Huq, M. S., Spencer, T., Applebaum, J. W., & Hardt, N. (2018). Animal cruelty as an indicator of family trauma: Using adverse childhood experiences to look beyond child abuse and domestic violence. Child Abuse & Neglect, 76, 287-296.

Coca-Pérez, A., Cáceres-Feria, R., & Valcuende del Río, J. M. (2018). Human–animal sexual relations and the construction of masculinity in livestock farming contexts: The case of Andalusia (Spain). Sexualities, 1363460718790886.

Connor, M., Currie, C. E., & Lawrence, A. (2018). Factors influencing the prevalence of animal cruelty during adolescence. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Coorey, L., & Coorey-Ewings, C. (2018). Animal Victims of Domestic and Family Violence: Raising Youth Awareness. Animal Studies Journal, 7(1), 1-40.

Ellis, E. (2018). Malcolm Caulfield. Animals in Australia: Use and Abuse. Vivid, 2018. 336pp. Animal Studies Journal, 7(2), 218-221.

Englar, R. E. (2018). Using a Standardized Client Encounter in the Veterinary Curriculum to Practice Veterinarian–Employer Discussions about Animal Cruelty Reporting. Journal of veterinary medical education, 1-16.

Grugan, S. T. (2018). Capturing Cruelty: A Content Analysis of Companion Animal Cruelty in the News Media. society & animals, 1(aop), 1-17.

Hawkins, R. D. (2018). Psychological factors underpinning child-animal relationships and preventing animal cruelty.

Hensley, C., & Ketron, J. B. (2018). The predictive ability of childhood animal cruelty methods for later interpersonal crimes. Behavioral sciences & the law.

Lee-Kelland, R., & Finlay, F. (2018). Children who abuse animals: when should you be concerned about child abuse? A review of the literature. Archives of disease in childhood, archdischild-2018.

Levitt, L. (2018). Animal maltreatment: Implications for behavioral science professionals. Behavioral sciences & the law.

Longobardi, C., & Badenes-Ribera, L. (2018). The relationship between animal cruelty in children and adolescent and interpersonal violence: A systematic review. Aggression and Violent Behavior.

McDonald, S. E. (2018). Animal maltreatment in households experiencing family violence. The Routledge International Handbook of Human Aggression: Current Issues and Perspectives.

McDonald, S. E., Cody, A. M., Booth, L. J., Peers, J. R., Luce, C. O. C., Williams, J. H., & Ascione, F. R. (2018). Animal Cruelty among Children in Violent Households: Children’s Explanations of their Behavior. Journal of Family Violence, 1-12.

Milroy, K. E., Whiting, M., & Abeyesinghe, S. (2018). Reporting of suspected dog fighting to the police, Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and equivalents by veterinary professionals in the UK. Veterinary Record, vetrec-2017.

Monsalve, S., Hammerschmidt, J., Izar, M. L., Marconcin, S., Rizzato, F., Polo, G., & Garcia, R. (2018). Associated factors of companion animal neglect in the family environment in Pinhais, Brazil. Preventive Veterinary Medicine.

Parfitt, C. H., & Alleyne, E. (2018). Animal abuse as an outcome of poor emotion regulation: A preliminary conceptualization. Aggression and Violent Behavior.

Rollin, B. (2018). “We Always Hurt the Things We Love”—Unnoticed Abuse of Companion Animals. Animals, 8(9), 157.

Sohn, S. (2018). Animal cruelty and interpersonal violence. 정신보건과 사회사업, 46(4), 88-107.

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