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Abuse, Neglect and the Psychological Dimensions of Intimate Violence

Frank Ascione

This course has evolved from a child abuse and neglect course to a course covering all forms of intimate violence across the life span. During the semester, we will address issues related to child abuse and neglect (including physical, sexual, and emotional maltreatment), animal abuse, dating violence, domestic violence, and the abuse of elderly individuals. We will examine theory and research addressing various forms of maltreatment and will incorporate developmental, historical, and cross-cultural perspectives whenever possible.

Utah Valley University

Animal/Human Ethics

Karen Mizell

This course will survey moral issues inherent in our relationships with non-human animals. The content and activities of this course are designed to advance understanding of global, human, non-human, and environmental justice, sometimes confronting the myths and disinformation disseminated by institutions of contemporary culture. We will examine the interrelationships and consequences of philosophical ideologies as they impact non-human animals. Our first task will be to survey some of the classical moral theories that figure into this relationship with an emphasis upon multi-disciplinary perspectives: philosophical, psychological, economic, anthropological, cultural, and legal. We will examine ideas concerning the moral status of non-human animals and the moral basis of our treatment of non-human animals in food (industrial agriculture), research (vivisection), education (dissection), entertainment and sport (racing, bullfights, blood sports, circuses, hunting, target practice), captivity (zoos, aquariums), and the wild. The survey will also include topics in anthropocentrism, feminism, theology, spirituality, the law, and the ethics of activism. Course objectives include, but are not limited to:

  • Gain critical awareness of the relationships between human and non-human animals with a focus on social justice and global responsibility
  • Explore moral and philosophical perspectives concerning non-human animals from a Western philosophical perspective
  • Articulate and understand arguments supporting and challenging contemporary treatment of non-human animals
  • Analyze the relative consequences of accepted behaviors on the status of non-human animals


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