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Animals and Society

Angela Mertig

Non-human animals have played important, often unrecognized, roles throughout the history of human society. Even so, sociology, as the study of society and its component parts, has typically viewed other animals as part of the environmental back-drop that could be safely ignored. Recently, however, sociological and other disciplinary recognition of animals in society has grown. Not only have sociologists gained greater appreciation for social impacts on animals (and their environments), but they have increasingly come to see that other animals are social agents as well. This course is devoted to exploring many of the ways that non-human animals and humans interact in sociologically meaningful ways.

University of Tennessee Veterinary Social Work MSSW Veterinary Social Work Certificate

The University of Tennessee Veterinary Social Work Certificate Program (VSW-CP) trains University of Tennessee College of Social Work MSSW students in the four areas of Veterinary Social Work: The link between human and animal violence; Grief and loss; Animal assisted interactions; and Compassion fatigue management. The program offers a comprehensive foundation in veterinary social work topics focusing on the knowledge and skills needed to integrate animals into social work practice in ethically sound ways and in keeping with the values of the social work profession. The vision of VSW-CP is to produce professional social workers knowledgeable in the practice and skills necessary to help people through human animals relationships in a variety of settings and through a variety of micro and macro practice methods.


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